Lahore Lions V Sialkot Stallions | FBT20 | Karachi | 27/9/11

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Lahore Lions V Sialkot Stallions | FBT20 | Karachi | 27/9/11

Knock Out Match starts in 45 minutes. Good Luck Lahore Lions.!! :ll
Lols after the thriller between Zebras and Falcons this better be a good match!

I hope Nasir Jamshed opens the innings for Lions. Don't know what they were up to in the first match.
this game is going to be a cracker!!!!
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Can anybody tell me why isn't Imran Nazir playing ? didn't played the last match.
We are in for a cracker.

Sialkot to win.

Nazir missed the first game due to illness.

He will be back today surely.

Quarter final game basically.
The winner will go through to the semi-final, the loser will go home.:D

The two teams are out in the field. :ll doing batting practice and :ss doing some fielding drills (with Sajjad Ali's Kirkir Kirkir playing in the background LOL!).
I feel... Sialkot will edge it because their bowling is stronger
I'm a Stallions fan, but Lahore's bowling has got a whole lot stronger with Riaz back. Cheema and Riaz are perhaps the best fast bowlers in the tournament. After all riaz was the best bowler on display in the one before the last tournament (didn't play the last tournament) wasn't he?

We beat them on spin comfortably with Raza and Rehman, but they edge us on pace slightly and beat us with batting (though our batting isn't bad). We might edge them on fielding, but our fielding surprisingly wasn't up to our high standards last tournament. Malik's captaincy (though performing with the bat) wasn't great either.
is raza hasan playing for sialkot??????????????????????????????????
Just annoucne the MOM man, usney tou kahani shuru kar li
Bhaago bhaago bhaaagoooo :ss walay bhaagooooo!

ROAR! :ll :ll :ll
is raza hasan playing for sialkot??????????????????????????????????
yeah. Raza's born in Sialkot. He's now playing for the team representing the area he's born and lived in.

I feel a bit sorry for the Rams really. Not that I'm not delighted to have him in our team, he's a class performer, but I don't think he was amongst even first choice originally. Now that he had a good T20 tournament, suddenly we want him.Guys like Abdur Rehman, mansoor amjad, adeel Malik preferred. Rams really showed faith in him, and will sorely miss him this tournament. They probably wanted and needed him more than we did. Our spin attack wasn't even bad before Raza, it was still pretty good.
Kaantay Daar Mukabla
Bahahahaaha, its all over before it even started!

:ll :ll :ll
eek, Lions batting first?
Always harder to beat them if they bat first. Always seem to pile up runs batting first. Hopefully our bowling attack's good enough to restrict them to something decent.
So either Lions or Stallions will go to the semis? Stupid set-up of the groups.
So many ads :facepalm:.

I have to leave for school in half an hour. Start already!!

I can't understand how so many ads can be good for companies? I mean people will get so sick and tired that they will totally ignore these companies

It's ok to have ads after 2-3 overs bowled, but same ads after every over and woh bhi twice or even three times in same pause is just not on.
I was wondering the same

same design as Keiron Pollard :akhtar
Yeh umpires shalwar kameez kion nahi istemaal kartey?. Patloon inhe bilkul suit nahi karti
:four more for shehzad. :ss chores :raza are getting some serious phainty from shehzad
sarfraz ahmed and naved arif both decent level bowlers

great going by shehzad
Shehzad getting ready to provide some :AAG

He really wants to prove something this tournament it seems :ahmed

Haha, :kami is :out. LOL @ the celebration, excellent :)) :))
Finally kamran out.

These two openers are always the most dangerous T20 players in the team. If we get these two out cheaply we've got a good chance. One down, let's get the other out. Ahmed Shehzad looks in ridiculously good form though.
:kami always gets out either at point and this stupid shot that he just played.
This bowler has almost same action as Sohail Tanvir but much better control
they are really bowling well.Need to be careful for few overs
Sarfraz looks awkward right before he releases the ball
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