Leatherface58 bids Goodbye to Hell's Angels


Senior T20I Player
Jul 18, 2011
Leatherface58 called in a press conference where he expressed desire to step down from managing Hell's Angels. Mr 58 said, "It was a really eventful season. I took All Stars XI when it was lying in the dumps, christened it as Hell's Angels and had a superb first half of the season managing to reach 3rd place at one time. But somewhere along the lines, losses started piling up. The players seemed spirited but were not clicking as a unit. Even I was not really able to give it the commitment it deserved.

Due to this, instead of hanging on , I elect to leave Hell's Angels to someone much more suitable and committed in taking it to pole position. It has been a great season with ups and downs and I carry with me some great memories. I would like to congratulate Royal Mafia FC manager Ibad and later King Rizzy for winning the El Batigol Clasico, Pocket Rockets Manager Canistani Hero for winning the Copa de Fenomeno and would like to wish good luck to Space Cat and Genghis for the Zizou Cup Final. They all have been very good with their team and I am sure would become even more successful in the future."

On asked whether he would return some day to represent Hell's Angels or some other team, Leatherface58 replied, " Never say Never." :afridi
another manager stepping down. Sad to see you go..
This is really dissapointing as two of the most experienced managers stepping down after this season..:(

Looks like many of the managers are following Sir Alex Ferguson to a life full of beaches and women.

Leather will be back for sure. Legends don't leave so easily. Enjoy the short break.
Yeah. I never said I won't be back. Just that I need a bit of a break. I will be active over in PPCL in the meantime.
The season has ended. So everybody will get a bit of a break then they can return to a new club.
LF finished in trademark James Bond style by saying:Never say Never!
I never miss anything!LF,you are an assassin who hunts alone in the night!We need more Kiwi warriors like you!
Teesra dedicates the ultimate love song.Even this shall bring a tear to LF!