Most Amazing Gloves Ever.


Jun 12, 2011
Hey i recently bought a new pair of gloves.
I wanted a cigar finger glove and not a cut finger glove.
So after hours of searching i found the 2010 adidas pro glove , i love the design and the fit.
I prefer them to the 2011 ones.
The glove has a multiple leather palm for amazing grip and netting on each of the fingers for superior grip.
On the batting hand there is a 2peice thumb.
And ond the other hand a net covered thumb for comfort.
The protection is absolutley great and simple.
The fingers are flexible and the inner area of the glove is soft and and feels amazing.
Ill post pics soon.
Sounds lovely but I'm not sure these are the most amazing gloves ever?

Until I can read a book whilst wearing them, no glove will be amazing imo.
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