My New Boom Boom Gloves

Ali Raja

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May 18, 2005
Hello. I got my new Boom Boom gloves around a month ago, but did not have time to upload pictures before now.

I got both the 5 star Gold/Black and 4 star Red/Black gloves sent from Pakistan.

The gloves are really comfortable and look stunning. The Gold/Black ones are probably the best gloves I have owned and they fit perfectly. The Red/Black ones are understandably not as good as them, but they are also very good gloves. I feel they are a bit bigger, perfect for somone with big hands.

Overall, very good gloves.


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JazakAllah Khair for the review :)

Interesting review I must say, I mean both Red/Black ones and Golden/Black look exactly the same with the colour scheme being different yet you were able to feel difference when wearing them.

Ihsan/Boom Boom gloves are very good gloves and people who have big hands are ideal for these type of gloves. Not sure but if you wear inners you'll have better fitting of them.
Yeah, they look the same. But the Red/Black ones are just a tad bigger/looser I feel. But they are good for me since I have long fingers.:)
I have used these gloves(Gold/Black) 3-4 times in the nets, and i tell`ya these are by far the best gloves i have used!:waqar Much better than all other english and pakistani brand gloves (Malik sher were also really good). My experience is that pakistani gloves are as good or better than top notch english gloves.

Overall pakistani batting gloves fit better, are more comfortable, lighter and looks better. Whats your thought on this Cover Driver Bhai?