My new MB Limited Edition FEED BACK PLEASE


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Dec 23, 2011
Hello guys im new, i think i joined this forum awhile ago, but this is the first time making a thread/comment/contributing and etc. I figured that Pakistanis tend to know more about cricket bats so can you guys look at my new MB LE and provide me feed backs ? Thanks

2.8 LBS, SH Malik MB Limited Edition

Feed back, advice, and comments please

ON THE PIC # 1, My bat seems to have a little blemish can you guys tell me if this is will affect my bat's performance ?

I live in Canada and when today the shipping came, the temperature was in - 7 with wind blowing at 50 KMph and the bat was cold as hell, can you guys tell me where i can store the bat till the season starts. My first bat and im a bowler and i always borrowed bats from other players and this is the first time buying my new bat
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This is a perfect clean bat. This blemish is minimum. Just oil and knock before taking to the match.
How much was it if you don't mind me asking.

I got it for $249 from, i requested a 2.8lbs short handle bat and thats what i got. I ordered GN Elite helmet, the day later the owner of Cricmart called me, apologized for not having any more GN Elite helmet and told me that he will be sending Sachin's Forma helmet currently being used by Dhoni, and Raina but with steel grill for no extra cost. I got it and the helmet, it looks awesome, feels nice and the back adjuster knob makes it very comfortable.