New Zealand v Australia - 2nd ODI (merged)

Rob H

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Oct 6, 2004
New Zealand v Australia - 2nd ODI

Australia batting first and currently are 18/0 off 3. Hayden has been really aggressive since the start.
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Bond bowls 2 maidens in a row. 18/0 off 4 now. I've just noticed Shaun Tait is playing today.
 	Bowlers  	O  	M  	R  	W  	Econ
	*DR Tuffey (rfm) 	3.0 	0 	22 	0 	7.33
	SE Bond (rf) 	2.0 	2 	0 	0 	0.00
Edged and got him. Jacques is gone caught at first slip. Just brilliant bowling by Bond. Moving the ball away from the left hander at 145 kph+ pace making the batsmen nervous outside that offstump. Jacques was leaving it alone but his patience went and he stuck his bat out, got the edge and Fleming swallowed it at first slip.

Bond is bowling better than he did on Friday.

Haddin in to bat

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Edged again first ball but short of first slip. Superb bowling in that over from Bond

3 - 2 - 2 - 1

27/1 off 6
Aussies are shaking again! Can New Zealand make them loose their 5th match in the last 6 they've played???
this would be a shocker if aussies loose.. hayden and haddin got to make a p'ship
Haddin has no clue v Bond. Too quick and moving it both ways.
Man, Australia are doing ****. What a crap preperation for the World Cup.
Dholi, they have a kit for when they are away and when they are home.
.. and the award for the highest usage of the word "W****er" in a cricket match in 2007 goes to Matthew Hayden!

Congratulations Matt, it was a lot more interesting than your batting.

At least I get to enjoy watching Hussey now.
Hello's the wicket playing? How many runs do you reckon the Aussies will end up with? Is the NZ bowling suited for this type of wicket?
Thanks Crazy Dholi. The wicket is suiting the batters at the moment. I thought it was gonna be a a slow bowling wicket.

Yaar what's the latest score please?
5 H's in the Aussie team.
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Well Done to the Aussies!
They have passed 148 for the first time since last week.
Bond is back. his figures 6 overs 7 runs 1 wicket. NZ needs a wicket
186-3 after 35
SIX! SIX! SIX! Six more to Hussey.
150 for Hussey?
I think so. :)
50 for Hodge. Very good innings. Run a ball.
40 overs

My guess is 350.
10 runs off the over. 50 for Hodge. 100 run partnership
225-3 after 40
Six! What A Century! A Brilliant Century To Mike Hussey!
What A Century! Amazing!
Mike Hussey has 100 with 3 sixes in the over! Well played skipper.
Vincent just bowled lollypops and Hussey smashed then into the legside with ease over the rope.
Hussey's current average:
That was his second century. What an innings. It came off 81 balls!
massive sixes by Hussey. I get a feeling they con'd the Kiwis by not getting runs in Vincent's 1st over and went after him the second over. that will be the end of him I think
very well played 100 by Hussey
Ross Taylor takes a blinder and Hussey is gone for a superb 105 off 84.

He came in from the rope, dived and took it low. Great fielding.
Taylor takes a very good catch and Hussey goes for 105!
A great innings! 4/252
42.3 overs.
The bear is now in. FIRE WORKS!
Cameron White better hit something. I only hear about what he did in county cricket. a good oppurtunity here with some over still left
Haha! Rob tries to tell me that White goes out first ball. He was wrong.
Four runs! Driven down the ground by Hodge. He moves to 80.
300 up for Aussies. 15 balls left.
Hodge hits another 6 over mid wicket.
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beamer by Bond. followed by a four and a six (could have been caught). 18 runs from the over
Hodge on 90
312-4 after 48
Six runs to Cam White? Indeed!
That's his 3rd six. 31 off 14 balls. How about a 20 ball fifty?
Hodge on strike. 2 balls to go or Hodge to get a hundred!
Australia finish on 4/336.
Great stuff from Haddin, Hussey, Hodge and White!
I doubt NZ can win. Oram isnt playing.
Lets see Tait break the World Record.