New Zealand v Australia | 2nd Test | Hamilton| Mar 27-31 2010

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Oct 4, 2009
Australia somewhat reeling at 66-2! These Kiwis aren't that bad afterall . . :moyo

23.3 from Patel, direct hit! Dan sets a fine example, Ponting pushes a full delivery down to mid-off but he hits it to Vettori's left, picks it up and fires a flat throw at the stumps at the bowler's end, they all know they've got him and the third umpire takes a look 63/2

Punter gone too . .

Vettori must be happy the way things have gone on his 100th Test, period.

NZ's favorite Johnson goes without disturbing the scoreboard.
Kiwis 19/1 at close.

They will need to wrack up a big total to continue the pressure on the Aussies here.
OZGOD said:
Geez Vettori's good.
The other day someone created a thread on a different forum rating Vettori as the best cricketer New Zealand has ever produced :))) :)))
Kiwis 100/2 now

Watling 42* Taylor 40* so a good platform set here by the kiwis.
and a few minutes ago he reached his 50 in 34 deliveries and it wasn't just slogging! Good shots included!
Wow, Taylor carving the Australian attack up! Could be a super fast hundred on the way.
Guptill gets out three minutes before lunch, in steps Vettori in his 100th Test.
Taylor notches up the fastest ever Test century by a New Zealander (81 balls, 3 dropped catches).
finally someone treated Hauritz the way he should be

25 runs off his over
Kiwis had huge chance to make a massive lead here but ballsed it up. I think Aussies may make them regret that chance being wasted.
34.1 Southee to Ponting, SIX, short ball, Ponting rocked back, took his eyes off it trying to pull, got a top edge and it flew high over the keeper's head for six!

34.2 Southee to Ponting, OUT, Caught! Good length delivery on leg stump, Ponting clips it in the air straight to the short leg in place and Watling holds onto a very sharp catch! Not often Ponting gets caught at short leg. Good captaincy, great catch.

RT Ponting c Watling b Southee 6 (4b 0x4 1x6) SR: 150.00
2/157 leading by 124 runs, we're in a good spot now I reckon. If we can bat till tea tomorrow the Hobbits will do it tough chasing.
Aussies 300 ahead with Clarke/North both unbeaten on 42*

They should win it from here!
One thing about Krapich though is that while he has great sticking power at the crease and has nine tons (7 in the past couple of years), he tends to lose concentration soon after scoring his ton. He only has one score above 150 and 4 of his tons are less than 120 runs. He needs to keep going on with things the way players like Haydunce, Langer, Ponting et al did/do.
Looks like we've declared with a lead of 478.
NZ 53 for 1. Johnson has the only wicket and he is bowling very sharp, in the middle of a pretty hostile spell.
2 down now, MJ get Watling out for 24. 2/53
He gets another one, Watling goes and Johnson is in the mood. Quality fast bowling
5 down now and 327 behind. Importantly Vettori is out.

Making it 6 Test wins in a row and 7 won of the last 8.
The middle part of ANZAC is falling in a heap.
We'll most probably win anyway, but getting McCullum's wicket just before stumps would really rub some salt in the wound :D
Kiwis 5 down and unless it rains tomorrow then Aussies should wrap up a 2-0 win here.
the ultimate cricket machine at the moment..Aussies!! How lovely it would be if we could complain that our players don't make enough 150's instead of just hundreds!!
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