New Zealand v Bangladesh | 2nd ODI | Mirpur | 11/10/08


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Aug 18, 2008
NZ looking poor again.
they are 44/2 in 12.4 overs.
run rate 3.47

syed rasel has taken the 2 wickets of mccullum and how
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Excellent stuff from the bangalis...they need to main the pressure. Spinners will be the key for them.
50/4 in 19 ovrs
run rate 2.63
slower than india playing australia in a TEST right now
Is this a 3 match ODI series? If yes and Bengali's pull of an upset, this would be there first one over major compettion right?
yes. it is a 3 ODI series... it would be amazing if bangladesh won this
and if they won the next match too it would be better

there are also 2 test matches.

anyways NZ are 66/4 in 23 overs.
naeem islam with his first ODI wicket.

sadly the promising middle order batsman, didn't get to bat and showcase his abilities in the first match.

i can't wait till raqibul hasan - our co-best batsman - gets back, hopefully for the test series next week.
95/5 in 31 overs.
i say nz will end at around the same score... 180 or 200
114/6 in 33 overs
oram the danger man still in though
vettori is the new man
this is how Sri Lanka started rising before the 1996 WC!
Are you Tigers upto the same task?
Well inshallah we hope this is the rise of BD cricket, its been long overdue
So has bangladesh improved by the loss of senior players that were bad and better talent has come up or NZ is playing really bad
Couch Cricketer said:
So has bangladesh improved by the loss of senior players that were bad and better talent has come up or NZ is playing really bad

both, mate. both
148 for 7 in 40 overs.
bangladesh need to get rid of oram to keep NZ down to 160-170 otherwise oram can take them to 200
SAM'S said:
this is how Sri Lanka started rising before the 1996 WC!
Are you Tigers upto the same task?

too early for that. we have to win this series (which we will), do some damage in the tests (which we probably will), and continue the damage consistently (which i hope).

there will and can be some dips in the chart, but it shouldn't be like the dip we just came out of.

i'm waiting for our series against pakistan in march 2009.
Oram frustrating us again.

I hope Ashraful has learnt the lesson of not bowling Mashrafe in the death overs.

Razzak and Shahadat are better bowlers in the last few overs.
156/8 very good performance from BD consecutive in two ODIs which is a very interesting sign i hope they can pull this series off today
166/8 in 44.3. if oram stays until the 50th over NZ could reach 200, bangladesh need to get him soon
167/9. southee run out
oram is still there
5 overs left
they should get all out this over or in the next
OUT! more to go. NZ have been playing pathetic cricket from the word go.
good over by shahadat for one of the last overs of tha n match i hope really that bangla can clean sweep this serieus :D:D:D
could this be the turning point....last over turning to be VERY expensive...
come on man any links?? tv channels in t he uk/europe????
considering the fact that NZ don't have star packed bowling attack, it should be a good chase, little captain needs to fire again
HuZi said:
any channel shjowing this in the uk or any links??
Unfortunately no. Blunders from the BCB and Nimbus are to blame for this.

Sky Channel 826(Channel I) had the rights for the series but due to government regulations they couldn't broadcast.
Tamim should play his natural game and just go for the shots. While Zunaed should just look to stick in there and pick 1s and 2s.

In the middle order, Ashraful isn't reliable. Shakib, Mushfiq and Naeem will have a lot of responsibilty on their shoulders
HuZi said:
how r u lt watching this game then??? online link?
Not a good one.

Well its gone anyway now. it might come back when the BD innings resumes.
we should still win...the pitch is increasingly batting friendly. we saw that in the first game. it has to be the pattern, since both matches have seen exactly the same thing.

the only way NZ will win is if our batters throw the wickets away - something they managed to not do last game.
Idiotic bowler rotations from Ashrafool. Naeem had 6 overs left, Shakib had 1 left and he bowls Rajib and Razzak who are having a terrible day.
anyways its a very similar target to the 1st ODI, let's see how this goes for bangladesh
i don't know why, but i have this strange feeling that bangladesh won't bat well like they did in the 1st ODI and they'll get thrashed by NZ. they'll be all out for around 100 or 120.
Mills gets Mushfiqur Rahim for 11.
bangladesh 18/2 in 9 overs.
i knew bangladesh wouldn't perform as well as last time.
BD are going pretty slow.
31/2 in 12 overs
RR 2.58, required RR 4.78.
once it goes to around 6 i don't think bangladesh will be able to chase it down so they better change gears
43/2 in 16.2.
junaid siddique 24 off 43, mohammad ashraful 6 off 24.
run rate 2.64, required 5.07.

this is getting harder for bangladesh every second.