New Zealand v Pakistan | 2nd Test | Wellington | 19/01/11 | Day 5 | Session 3

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What did Younis Khan do? :(

I'm devastated, he was doing to win it for us

Now, they'll play for a draw 10000%
114 to win, last session.

C'mon Misbah, Asad, Adnan, Wahab, Gul!!
114 with 6 wickets in hand, we're still firm favourites, its our game to lose here folks.

Just gotta make sure Asad isn't out too early, a little partnership there + some shots from Adnan should be enough to take us over the line. Otherwise, play for the draw. series win either way.
That was painful watching Yk get out.

Tho, we still got 80% chance of lifting that cup (series win inshallah)
Adnan better play the innings of his life. He's in the side ahead of Umar Akmal to provide some stability so it's time he proved himself in a pressure situation.

No demons in the pitch, mediocre bowling, lovely weather for batting. Why on earth are we messing this up.
Instead of Shafiq coming next- I would make tanvir come.

I may sound crazy but this may work and there wil be less pressure and a good partnership could give us some time to attack later on and go for the win. Tanvir has got a good technique so could stay in there for some time.
YK was playing superbly but now it's time to attack early on in the session or else NZ will put a lot of pressure on.

I would send Gul in next to slog sweep a few sixes.
YK getting out is a big blow...still plenty of overs left...we must play positive and go for the win!!!

Maybe Adnan before Asad? I wouldn't risk it though, NZ will smell the fear if we send in anyone other than Asad. Great time for the lad to keep his head on and play a very important innings.
I can't believe this...

while all the positivety is great ^, I'm just feeling mega nervous.... this could also completely go the other way... pressure, 1-2 wickets.... collapse could happen...

or.... stand and be counted.... someone become a HERO!!
So just before Tea a ball Younis should have left ended up in a wicket, instead of having a go at him commend him to get us into this position.

Great innings both 1st which was unluckt and 2nd, he missed out on a century which he so deserved.

114 runs with 6 wickets, that of Asad, Adnan, Gul, Wahab, Tanvir. Rahman.

A solid captain at the crease well set.

The win is definitely on all we need is 2 x 50 run partnerships and Misbah to stay there.

For me draw is out of equation, the win is on and win it will be!
the required rate is around 3 still, so not out of the realm of possibility, but knowing Misbah, he will probably go fo rhte draw now.
screw the win, just don't lose a wicket till drinks.
22 extras by Pakistan yesterday in 2nd inning is really hurting now .. otherwise it will be less then 100 to chase in last session .. these extras will cost us a match or may be result in draw as well :133:
I think Pak will still go with same tactic one batsman attacks the other defends. I have a feeling that Misbah is gonna play some shots.
I think win is very difficult now, but I also think loss is very difficult

But 1 crucial factor will be the new ball in the last 10 overs of the day
I had planned to stay up all night till Younis played that awful shot before tea. But still well played.

I think win looks unlikely now, but just hope I don't wake up tomorrow to another collapse. I will take a draw and a series win.
century by a Pakistani batsman,

Back to back test match victory,


What a day it could've been if Younis hadn't got out...:(
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