New Zealand v West Indies | 1st ODI | Auckland | 26/12/2013

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I'm not worried, we still have plenty of batting to come.
100 up for NZ after 29 overs. 21 overs left, if they survive they might be able to get to 200.
Brendon gone after a rare good innings from him.

New Zealand relaying too much on bit and pieces in ODI's… They have better player than this.
Woeful stuff from the Hobbits. This doesn't look like a Mordor type pitch!
Hobbit-like stuff from the hobbits.

156 is never a defendable target but will be interesting if WI lose a couple of wickets soon
If kiwis can get another couple of wickets before WI get say 60 , that would spice things up.
cris: "I'm quite amazed that Johnson Charles actually made it to international cricket. His Kamikaze batting style makes Afridi look conservative.."
Six down now.
61 reqd with 4 wickets left.
Have to say NZ are favourites here.
WI making it difficult for themselves, 1 more and NZ will be in position to take it with them.
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