ODI 1 at Cochin: Indian Innings...scoreboard and discussion. [2/04/05]

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thanks MIG

Pakistan need a good start. If the openers survive the first 10-15 overs...its gonna be quite easy winning it.
Isnt that not meant to be Pakistan innings?
target 282 (50 overs)

i think this thread shud be left alone till match restarts now...
But can someone knock out Aamir Sohail in the first few overs as well ?
can Kamran Akmal.....battle it out there after that tough wicket keeping job
Pakistan innings about to start. Kamran and Salman to open. Salman on strike, Balaji to open the bowling.
Balaji...online first ball

Salman needs to repeat his heroics
4 runs down the ground

"played with authenticity" says aamir
pakistan just need to stay out there for now...runs will come easily.
1 run off zaheer

thats all good. keep it up pakistan.
the openers need to stay on
My streams gone down again! Cant see anything!
25/0 4 overs

10 runs from Zaheers last over!

About 8-10 runs stopped from Mohd Kaif already...what a fielder he is
ali the guys a genius, most dedicated indian player ahead of sachin n any1 for me! he is so comitted!! TOP PLAYA
pakistan off to a solid start after 5 overs.

need to continue in the next 5
pakistan just need to wait for bad balls here.. no need for any daft shots

29/0 (5)
a 5 ball over bowled....hehehe umpire jaya parkash showing his sincerity to the Indians
"5.4 Zaheer to Akmal, FOUR!!, driven to extra cover and this time it goes to one of worst fielders in world cricket, Ashish Nehra who lets it go, disappointing and dismal cricket "

come on pakistan a good solid 1st 15 overs...
Sehwag takes the catch. Akmal gone.

Ganguly replaced himself with sehwag and india rewarded. should the captiancy be changed as well???
oh well akmal was flashing all the time.
he was playing his natural game.. got away with one. second one he is out. shud have been more careful
5.5 Khan to Kamran Akmal, one run, steered down to third man, five ball
5.4 Khan to Kamran Akmal, FOUR, solid shot to the extra cover region,
Nehra moving across from mid-off fails to stop it, ball races away
to the fence, should have done better there
5.3 Khan to Salman Butt, one run, good length delivery outside the off
stump, driven away into the gap between the cover fielder, easy
5.2 Khan to Salman Butt, no run, width outside the off stump, cut away
beautifully but straight to the point fielder at one bounce
5.1 Khan to Salman Butt, FOUR, hit hard into the ground, Sourav Ganguly
atshort point (square of teh wicket) gets finger tips to it, but
the ball still manages to race away to the boundary

5 ball over??
??? is this true or is the cricinfo guy losing it?
malik seems like he is in the mood to smack every ball to the boundary
pakistan need another good partnership here...
wth kind of shot was that ,,,, i expect that start frm afrdi not shobby
malik and butt need to just settle down and play smart.
Ganguly picks up a blinder....and Butt is out.

big wicket for india...good catch by ganguly..pakistan stuttering!
Salman gone after looking set. Just threw it away!
if pakistan can get to 80/1 by 15th over that wud be gr8 inshallah
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