Official day 2 thread.Pak vs Ind.Karachi [30/1/06]

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Jun 1, 2005
the first hour is crucial.we have to get some early wickets and bring the buffalo and the hat trick boy early to the crease.

Shame i won't be watching the first session.But i will see you guys at lunch. :)

let the battle commence once again.Good luck to Shoaib and his generals.
This session should be a rippaa! Can't wait. India needs a partnership and Pak, obviously wickets. Will be intresting to see how the two lefties handle Asif and Shobby. I reckon a few outswingers and one that straightens from time to time can do the trick (Asif especially). Ofcource Shoaib can always bounce them out!
This session will be crucial on for the final outcome of the test...
India has Ganguly, Yuvraj, Dhoni and will be tough to get them all out without conceding a lead.
so tough session for both teams
maybe its just me, but I am only concerned about Dhoni. Pakistan usually doesn't bowl well to batsmen who take the attack to them. There are not a lot of runs, and a 15 over Dhoni on-slaught could give India the edge.
Its make or break for Ganguly! If there is anytime to bowl to him its now when India are reeling at 74/4. He is practically playing the innings of his life for his country!
ARY is showing that some of the grass was mowed off this morning. WHY?
Just because we are bowling? lol....WHY??

Anyways what time does match start.

And also why isn't this a sticky yet. :13:
Good morning people :)
This is very crucial session for Pakistan, we must remove 2-3 batsmen otherwise they wouldn't find it hard to ovehaul 245.

Gangu's future in TESTS may also be a bit dependant on this match, let's hope we can give him farewell :)
Good luck Pakistan :)
Razza starting?????? wat about Asif and Akhtar??????
But Asif is bowling from the other end, can't be just change of ends for Akhtar.

Maybe they wanna dry up the runs????
India attacking - Pakistan missing Akhtar - wonder why ?
Although- over attacking players get in in the neck on this pitch... ( barring Akmal at the moment!)
Shoaib bowled the last over yesterday so he couldn't start this morning. If he wants to bowl from Razzaq's end then he has to wait until razzaq has bowled an over from that end first.
Nauman said:
Razzaq was just brought on so that Akhtar could change the ends.

Ah ok thanks.

Score updates folks - some of us are not watching this live

Two to Gangu, shouldn't let them get settled here.
Shoaib not bowling the right line. Flick shot from Yuvraj, 3 runs. Too much leg-stump stuff.
runs are coming easily for India. But Akhtar has bowled well, just need some luck now.
Pak bowlers under pressure right form the outset. Cant let these two get away
Slugger said:
pakistan in trouble

Exactly how are we in trouble ? this is the 3rd over of the day!! A lot of cricket is left in this match!
Ganguly getting three boundaries! The last thing Pakistan want is this guy to score a century. Cmon Shoaiby!
Slugger said:
pakistan in trouble

Given up alreeady??? De Ja vous from yesterday...although you only lasted 1 over before you lost hope yesterday...
99/4 off crickbuzz - come on guys you can do better with score updates - look at it as an opp to increase your post count!
20.4 Akhtar to Yuvraj, no run, directed right into him, was very quick too, clips the thigh pads on way to the keeper
20.3 Akhtar to Yuvraj, no run, pitched outside off and shaped in a big way, good leave there
20.2 Akhtar to Yuvraj, no run, bad shot, way outside off and went straight, Yuvraj threw his bat at it, close to the edge!
20.1 Akhtar to Yuvraj, no run, round the wicket still, good length outside off and coming in, defends and gets an inner edge to the pads

Akhtar doing very well this over!