Official thread - Pak vs Windies 1st ODI (Windies innings) [18/5/05]

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Aug 29, 2004
now we scored 192 it looks likely that we gonna lose
but u neva know couple of early wickets and things cud get interesting
Official thread - Pak vs Windies 1st ODI (Windies innings)

Windies set 193 to win from 50 overs at 3.86 runs per over. It isnt as easy it sounds for the Windies as conditions arent ideal for batting and ball was swinging and seaming around in the Pakistan innings.
You have to remember, its not going to be easy to score for the West Indies either. The outfield is probably the slowest i've ever seen. Like Pakistan, WI dont like making singles either. It's going to be a test of temprement.

Key wickets are Sarwan and Chandarpaul, who wont be too fussed about making singles. Gayle will do what most Pakistani's did, throw his wicket away in frustration.
yes pakistan do have a chance. runs are on the board! pakistan now need to bowl well and catch well!
well WI's batting hasn't been impressive at u never know
pakistan need 2/3 early wickets. espcially gayle & sarwan... west indies top 5 is pretty handy but there after it can be run thru!

mig can u make this thread sticky? plz
Gayle is key. Get him out early and Pakistan have a sniff.
All they need is one partnership of around 70. The rest will sort itself out. I think WI have this one covered.
Does anyone know the last time pak defended a sub 200 score??? Might have been in that bank alfalah cup cuz i remember that as being a low scoring affair.
Do you think if Kaneria was playing instead of Kamran Akmal, Pakistan would have more chance to budle out Windies?
Erm well to be honest, NO. only chance of winning is if you get Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul all cheaply.
Okay: Then it is going to be Shabbir's day if pakistan wins today...
I think so now it all depends upon first ten overs if rana/ rao or rana/shabbir can do buig damage then yes v have a chance other wise it will be sorry stroy for us.
reall dissappointed the way Inzi, YK and YOYO bats
BBC is saying Yusuf Youhana is the Vice-Captain of the team...

May be Younis Khan is Vice-Captain only for test matches...
rana getting swing into gayle. single for gayle
rana getting good swing early on

w.i 2/0 (1)
Naved-ul-Hasan to Marshall, no run, comes forward and is beaten on
the off
rao to open at other end...! looks like beeray will be 1st change!
Who needs cricinfo people when you have AJ giving ball by ball updates even quicker than they do.
gayle wafting and missing... edge coming soon
I would prefer to see cart-wheeling from Rao, Rana and Shabbir all of them...I do not want it from Abdur Razzaq, since after taking a wicket, Abdur Razzaq becomes so surprised running here and there that it can hurt him and some other players...Of course the best bowled can come from Afridi, but not as cart-wheeling, since we do not want keeper to get hurt...
Naved-ul-Hasan to Gayle, no run, lovely ball, almost cut him in
half as he was beaten on the off
Amjad: Please do not inform about 4s after such a low score by Pakistan...Inform something about fall of wicket...
Gayle playin some lovelycut shots but straight to the fielder.
another shout for lbw...

shepard says not out...

looked close..!
could have had a second lbw, not a bad shout AT ALL
we need to build pressure. Keep scoring rate down and frustrate them.
ya rao is bowling good, this one was a good decision as it was pictched barely outta off stump,but the first appeal agasint marshall to me was out. bad decision the blind buddha.
i am so frustrated at the lack of lbw's we actually get going our way!
marshall gone

rana strikes... 90 mph bouncer

superb bouncer by rana surprised marshall, akmal does rest!
Marshall gone! Whatta ball from Rana! 90MPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
90 mph bouncer and yet the idiots at cricinfo label him RM (right-medium pace)
it was 90 mph? lool the more the lackage of hair , the faster he bowls. lol 2 fours in a row, sheeyat, we need to see gayle's back.
4 more for gayle


pakistan need gayle out asap!
Gyle Two fours two balls off Rao after he bowled a maiden over...
gayle startin 2 play his natural game...pak need 2 bring on beera in place for rao!!
we need Gayle and ChundarPaul

If v can get Gayle and Chundar Paul without big damage under 15 overs then it's our game for rest of the team Afridi is good enough
omidahomie said:
it was 90 mph? lool the more the lackage of hair , the faster he bowls. lol 2 fours in a row, sheeyat, we need to see gayle's back.

Don't worry, you'll see his back at the end of the game. ;-)
pakistan need gayle asap , if they wana win!
ya they need to get out gayle, and sarvan and then chanderpaul, baki sab cant do to much.
gayle gone... another bouncer!

rana strikes agen.... super catch by akmal
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