Official Thread: Pakistan A VS Sri Lanka A [24/03/05]

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Aug 29, 2004
pak 145/3 (32)

pak A hav jus lost 2 wickets in quick succession
Batsmen:-------R------B------4s------6s -----S/R
Misbah-ul-Haq-46----42----- 5--------1-----109.52
Hasan Raza----31----22------4--------1----140.91
i can see misbah getting a recall to odi side atleast very soon... hopefully hasan raza back into test side!
Good point AJ both of these players deserve a chance based on their consistant performances. I think if we have to face an understrength WI team then we must try out our fringe players.
lahoria, hasan raza is a player in mould off asim kamal, not to flashy. may not score to quick in tests but can get the job done... we need more off these players than flashy lullu pullus who get quick 20s and out in tests.

I think misbah should be given more back in the full odi side.

when pakistan tour west indies, the "A" are touring there aswell at same time... intresting to se both suqads picked!
to think that a few people thought we would get tonked in this tournament!
Pakistan A 290/5

top knock from hasan raza who will be back in test side soon!
amjid- would he bat at 6?

I think it is excellent to have 2 good players for every position. Competition is good.
i recon hasan raza shud bat middle order... hes solid player like asim kamal.
I don't think there is an opening for Raza at the moment. Youhana and Inzi won't give up their spots (4,5) while Asim is at 6. Malik is in waiting.

I think we need bowlers much more than middle order players.
Sri Lanka A 38/1 (7.0 ov)

shahid nazir strikes...
Sri Lanka A 87/3 (16)

Bowlers: O M R W Econ
Imran Tahir (LBG) 2.0 0 9 2 4.50 (0nb, 0w)
well done pakistan A.. we are in the final!

well done imran tahir!
This series isnt about winning final...its about player developement!
true and team has done great job !

Amjid you want raza in test side who will he replace in middle order?
another big win for pak A

theyve always been so good. wonder what happens at the bigger level... well today they played real well so no complaints!
Amazing stat from Pakistan A bowling

Pakistan A won another game by a big margin against Sri Lanka A
Pakistan A bowler bowled 42.2 overs and just bowled one Wide bowl total 7 extras (1 Wide, 6 LB)

Comon senior guys learn it from the juniors v need this kinda discipline in out senior team too
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