On This Day: November 23, 1990 - Saeed Anwar made his Test debut in Faisalabad


Senior T20I Player
Oct 3, 2009

Player Profile:
A world-class opener, Anwar was one of the real batting stars of Pakistani cricket.

The left-hander exudes class and has a reputation in the cricketing world as one of the best timers of the ball, fond of elegantly driving through the covers or mid-on.

Although he took some time to establish himself in the Test side, Anwar's attacking style of play made him a natural choice for one-day internationals from the start.

On his test debut Saeed Anwar failed to open his account and dismissed on 0 in both the innings but later went to score 11 centuries with average of 45 in his test career.

Career Stats:

Match In Discussion:
And since then no other opener has cemented his spot....

Luckily we didn't drop Anwar forever after his pair on debut!
Not the greatest starts for my favourite pakistan batsmen but he still went on to do a fantastic job as an opening batsmen. Along with Hanif muhammed he is the best opener we have produced in history of pakistani cricket.
Why did he only play 55 Test matches? A batsman of his class should have had close to 100 Tests.
i remember that test against the windies, I think the axeman ijaz went to town against them in that match..great series with waqar and bishop bowling like demons!!

saeed was a little shell shocked, got out to some decent deliveries but just wasnt ready yet!
Just goes to show, never judge a player on first impressions.

One of my all time favourite batsmen, the willow in his hand was like a wand being held by a wizard.

Some of the shots he played were just incredible.

Ah they don't make them like Saeed any more.
That man was the definition of pure class. My favourite Pakistani batsman, and one of all time favourites as well.
Dont know why Pakistani players do not copy Saeed Anwar or put him as role model.

His stance and elegance are unmatched.
I know people will rate his 188 at Eden Garden as his best knock but I found his hundred at the Gabba against the ATG Aussie team to be his best. That knock was simply chanceless and so smooth on the eyes. Played Warne like he was a club bowler. Even Warne rated Saeed Anwar as one of the best batsman to ever play him.
My favourite Pak Batsman ever. Some of Moeen Ali shots remind me of Anwar.
One of my most favorite Pakistani batsman. Loved watching his batting. Very elegant and stylish.

I found his batting more elegant than Ganguly and Lara. Just my opinion.
My all-time favourite Pakistani batsman and one of the finest ever produced by Pakistan.