One of the most heart-felt and powerful songs ever?

Heard it a while ago good song, theres like 10 remixes of it aswell
"Yeh duniya yeh mehfil" by the late Mohammed Rafi and "It must have been love" from the movie "Pretty woman" are both too good!!!!
This song has nothing on Billo daay ghaar. That song makes me cry like a 16 year old girl everytime.
Buckley's Hallelujah is something that's really impressive.
Tanhaa thi aur tanha hai zindagi by Mehdi Hasan beats the lot.
Is Bhari Dunia mein by Mohd Rafi is also very good.
Also not forgetting the Tragedy master Ata Aullah Khan song like: Idhar zindagi ka Janazza uthey gha