Pak All Stars XI vs Int World XI | 2nd T20 | Karachi | 21 Oct 2012| Pak XI innings

Nazir and Shahzaib to open, Umar likely 1 down, and Asad,Faisal,Malik, Zulqernain to follow
Should chase it but with the longer boundaries, batting won't be as easy as it was in the last match
U could just clearly see they deliberately gave away those runs in the end.
Good to see the World team interacting with the crowd. Anyways Nazir and Shahzaib to open
slower ball deceived Nazir

but Nel still don't like getting hit for run:))
Better ball there and a single to Nazir. Nazir keeps strike. Well done. 18 off the first over.

Nazir is in a mood of finishing this game within 10 overs.
First ball an ugly swipe by Shazaib Hasan. He needs to stay at the wicket and have a look early on instead of slogging from ball 1
:six that's a cricket shot..are you watching Dynamite Shahzaib?
Hopefully Umar will get a go to bat at 3, I reckon either Malik or Shafiq will come in though.
Shahzaib has to impress us with his shot selection really.that was a no shot as well.
WOW, hit very very hard. This is how great Pakistan are in Pakistan conditions :)
Imagine if Pakistan could smash a real world eleven like this. That would have been something.
Pakistan All Star XI require another 73 runs with 10 wickets and 14.1 overs remaining