Pakistan U19 v India U19| 3rd Quarter Final U19 WC| Townsville| 20/08/12

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Dec 14, 2008
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The match is starting in about 1 hours time and I am really looking forward to watch our youngsters. Hopefully they are mentally strong to cope with preassure of tv cameraes.

Good luck boys.
Crap. I don't get ESPN 3 as I'm with Optimum. Will have to look for a stream. Is Geo Super or PTV SPorts showing this?
I have only one thing to say about the fans of both teams:

Pakistan are the clear favourites here although I still hope India can cause an upset.
Haroon Rasheed is translating for Babar at the toss
Qadir junior to sit out for 3 seamer
Same old same pakistan at the top order are just laughable................
And now Inam gone as well, almost identical dismissal to Sami. Edged and taken at slip.
Same old story, Pakistan cannot play the with a swinging ball
against lollies Pakistan are shocking and against quick are Jellies This a Joke mini Senior side LOL
Lols, what a start for India. Batting first :facepalm:
Everyone here on pp was being too arrogant abt this pakistani side. Look at this now
Finally off the mark after losing two wickets. Worst possible start.
Look its not all over. Just one over has gone. We can still of course win the game so people calm down!
Umar off the mark with a dab onto the onside and gets a single. Ball coming into the right-hander this time.

1-2 after 1
sami got a good delivery, immys delivery he did leave bat haning out a little!!!

i cant beleive he chose to bat first!

this side is much better chasing!
Pak's hesitance to chase lead to the decision to bat. Looks like they have never seen a swinging ball before. Crap batsmen
You know your crap when you make indian bowlers look like Glenn Mcgrath and Malcolm Marshall.
Sharma is just a typical Indian Ladoo bowler just around 70 to 78KPH...................
India on top atm. they have bowled really well. on the other hand what a rubbish shot selection by both leftie
Full delivery, low full toss and Umar easily deals with that, driving elegantly through cover for 4.

5-2 after 2
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