Pakistan v Australia | 2nd ODI | Dubai | 24/4/09 | Aus Inngs


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Jun 27, 2003
Pakistan scored: 207 off 46.2 overs.

Is it enough?

Australia need 207 to win.
Akhtar will be fired up, the oil will be rushing through the Express. Expect him to run through the top order and Afridi to finish off.
Akhtar and GUl need to get a few quick wickets with the new ball and Afridi and Ajmal need to rip them apart like the 1st ODI.. should be a good game
Pakistan seamers need to stick to plan of the 1st game and bowl line and length.

The ball is gripping on surface and the less pace there is the hard it is to score. If Aussies get off to a flyer they can then look to just see off Ajmal, Afridi.
Haddin & Hopes open the Aus inngs

Shoaib given the new ball
Beauty 2nd delivery - bit of movement.

Plays & misses
actually as disappointing as butt's scoring (not score) might have been, its really difficult to tell from the arm chair a) how the pitch is truly playing b) how good the bowling was and c) what instructions he went out with. it was horribly painful watching misbah two days ago, but he won us he game, and however painful this was to watch, butt did score that 50.

the legitimate worry at this stage thouh, is our running between the wickets. i know we havent played in ages, and so there must be a bit of nerves out there batting first against australia and feeling the pressure to both score and survive for the later overs with a massive tail, but even still, in all the months we havent been playing, shouldnt they have had ample time to practice their running betwen the wickets to have perfected it by now?
Shoaib slowly building up the pace... i think hes gonna hit 150 today but it has to be in the first 3 overs.

That one was sharp! 142.7 and jumped off the pitch
fingers crossed that our bowlers bowl at least as well as theirs and that conditions do indeed aid the seamers under lights!

maiden first over!
Good fire and pace from Akthar!

come on Gul!
Hopes and Haddin are both dashers so should be exciting!
good to hear that akhtar bowled a over with rythem
146.3 even faster just get ip up to 150 or something really fast from akhtar
10-0 after 3 overs

Its haddin and Hopes surely we can break this partnership
Australia require another 198 runs with 10 wickets and 47.0 overs remaining

Required RR 4.21
Umar Gul is gonna have hard time. He has no idea how to use with new ball in right areas.