Pakistan v Australia | 4th ODI | Abu Dhabi | 01/05/09 | Australia Innings

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Jun 1, 2001
198 to win for the Aussies.

Pakistan need some inspired bowling today to keep alive in the series.
The onus is on Akhtar. We need an early break through. Can't afford too many free runs.
To me the current Pak ODI team can be summed up as:

- a team with mediocre openers (nothing new there)
- a middle order which is patched up with former lower order batsman
- tailenders who are tagged as 'all rounders' but can barely bat
- and complete no hopers instead of a half decent tail

no wonder we cant bat 50 overs. We need to get a decent middle order in and everyone drops down 2-3 places!
Some mods just dont have a sense of humor.

Anyways, the game depends on AKhtar. Lets see what he can do
waqar_ahmad said:
Some mods just dont have a sense of humor.

Anyways, the game depends on AKhtar. Lets see what he can do
You my man are a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to jinx him!!!!!1
waqar_ahmad said:
I told you Haddon gone. But mods deleted it :p
bloody hell, you predicted it before happened.

What else do you see in your crystal ball ? :D
Akhtar gets Haddin with beautiful delivery.

Arafat misfields but bad bal by Akhtar on legs

Shaoib getting good shape.
Commentators saying that Younis has had a stern conversation with Shoaib about his fitness and behaviour, and the fact that he has a lot to prove.
North sent in early, Intresting move. Good start by Akthar.
Aussies just need to play 50 overs. Needn't play any risky shot.
Come on Tanvir, this pitch is made for you.

Good ball first up, swung away from right hander.
Wicket down already lol. I told you this was going to be a tough chase.
Aussie bowlers took pace off the ball from the very first overs so we need to do the same.

Tanvir getting predictable, needs to bowl one close to the stumps or ball a leg cutter.
No that was beautifyl by Tanvir, he just had to come closer to off stump and that was very close.

And AGAIN!!!!

Maiden over by Tanvir, good start.
Who swings the ball most: Akhtar, Tanvir or Arafat?
Good move by YK to start with a pacer and a spinner. :p
WOW!! What a ball from Akhtar, just missed stumps and bat.

Come on Akhtar!!!!
I had made it clear before the series.

Aussies :p

Akhtar gets another wicket while i am typing.

Should I change my alignment now?
Akhtar takes North LBW.
Pitched in the middle and plumb LBW.
What a start for Pakistan - come on the boys in green !
As I said, Akhtar can win this for us on his own. No other bowler has that ability in the Pakistan team. InshaAllah he will rock the aussie line up
Balle Balle te aahoon aahoon!
8 more to go Inshallah.
Now why doesn't he do this often? And please for the love of God, don't get injured...
Captain Clarke to face the music.

Good first ball 143.8 and defended well by Clarke.
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