Pakistan v England | 2nd T20I | Dubai | 25/2/12 | Pakistan Innings

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Oct 2, 2004
150 is the target.

Do Pakistan have the will and skills to take the series today?
I will be simple if we get a good start from openers.
ummm its not difficult, just like it wasn't difficult for England last game but they managed to kick themselves in the foot, Pakistan watched it first hand so I'm sure they learned not to do the same.

We'll win, inshallah.
I think they all need to chip in today. 1 of the attacking 3 batsmen (Zia, Akmal and Akmal) need to get a 50+ score.

Good game on the cards.
Watching on a ptv sports stream. There's serious lack of creativity in ads..

"yeh khel apna hai jaisa jazz apna hain" :yawn
Salam guys.

Just come home from watching Norwegian Premier League (NPL).

Let's hope Pakistan can chase this down
short ball! bat ka kinarah laga aur gaind slip main moujood fielder ke haathon main mehfooz! :out hafeez

Always happens.

No problem. Pakistan will win this match.
Should have been 2 in 2.
Bowlers let us down - 150 is huge on this wicket
Shocking to see so many Hafeez lovers on this site. SHOCKING. He is the worst opener we have ever head
Solid blocking by Asad first up. Will this be a wicket maiden?
where have we seen that shot before hafeez is just not an opener against quality teams
Single taken, looks like it would have been out as well. :))
He would have been miles out lol. Suicidal run.
Hafeez just made life for Zia a lot difficult at the crease. What a tool!
short ball jisko panjon ke bal uchal kar khaila! pehla over mukammal! 1/1(1.0)
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