Pakistan V India | 2nd ODI RAWALPINDI | India Innings Thread

Pakistan in trouble :(.....without shoaib its just not gonna be possible to win this 1.
Well Shoaib hasnt really set the world on fire in ODIs over past couple of years anyway, its his test performances which have been better, in ODIs you are usually better of with line and length bowlers.
It's gonna be tough ,but if rana and asif fire right from the start ,and get couple of quick wicket ,then Pakistan is in the game ,otherwise the series will be 1-1.
I have faith in Pakistani attack ,Insallah ,the wicket will be flying.
Come on pakistan
perhaps u havent been following wat Boycott has been saying. He shakes up the batsmen, and, as a result, the medium pacers gets the wickets. Shoaib might not get wickets, but he stirs up batsmen, messes with their form and makes way for the others to get the job done.
Wat boycott said is 100% true.
sehwag n sachin come out....intresting i thought they would save sehwag for later!
well India has a really really long batting lineup....they will even bring Power in for Sreeshanth i guess.....this is gona be one tough odi...

atleast india will have 10 decent batsmen
we have defended 210..but we did have the luxary of shoaib akhtar then but no worries Gul needs to step up today,,,,,,,,,,,,

rana to sehwag let the battle commence peeps!
in my opinion ... shewag, tendulkar, dravid ... need to go before 100 is on the board .... not just any 3 wickets but these 3 wickets.
I think India will send Pathan and Dhoni in at no 3 and 4
1.3 Asif to Sehwag, no run, looks for the big drive in the off, checks his shot at the last moment, plays it to widish mid off

he's no patience like afridi
tendulkar of the mark too. Ball not doing much. Looks like India will cruise to a win
First time that Asif doesn't pick up a wicket in his first over in ODIs. Good over nonetheless!
we need to keep it tight, apply pressure and batsmen will make a mistake
4.1 Naved to Sehwag, SIX!!, short of length outside off, Sehwag slashes it hard and the ball landed over the ropes at square third man, what a shot!

rana will get him out now inshallah
PakVsAus said:
asif is young....does he have time to increase pace ?

yeah he said he'll up his pace abit but he doesnt need pace he's good as he is now
It seems like Sehwag has hurt his shoulder while playing this shot, the physio is in
Rana needs to seriously work on his economy rate. In OdIs it is above 5 an over an although he takes wickets, he needs to bring it down to say 4.5-4.7 an over
At one end youve got Asif trying as hard as possible to keep some pressure on then Rana bowls such an expensive over and Asif has to begin all over again!
4.6 Naved to Sehwag, no ball, another one, Naved definitely struggling, fuller length on the stumps, Sehwag drives it to mid off

Rana feeling generous and letting Sehwag have some free runs before he dismisses him
6+4+4+4+1(nb)+1(nb)+2 = 22 off Rana's over ,we jst lost the game .
Like Deno says ,going, going >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gone.