Pakistan V New Zealand | 1st Test | 08/01/11 | Hamilton | Day 2 |

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Dec 22, 2009
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Need to wrap up the tail ASAP. :wasim
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Under 300 all out will be ideal ladies and gents.
Looking forward to see how Azhar Ali performs after a good series against SA. I reckon he will be successful against the NZ bowling attack.
Pakistan can't defend like they did in south Africa they need to think about winning
Bowlers were tired late in day. They should come out strong today and bowl the them out for 280.
Has any one noticed that cricinfo commentary guys are trying to emulate PP commentary threads. Yesterday they added user comments in almost every over.
I am predicting NZL fold within the first hour, total of about 300ish
Perfect bouncer from Gul.

Right at the head and a simple catch for YK.

Great start for Pak.
Seriously, grunting for 124? Younis Khan bowls that with ease
lol, Tanvir's pace isn;t gonna trouble no one. Get Wahab on! :misbah
Tanveer Ahmed Jogs to the wicket......a loud Grunt......and speed 122 km per hour........Afridi must be laughing at him
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