Pakistan v South Africa | 2nd T20 | Abu Dhabi | 27/10/10 | SA Innings

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Allah ka laakh laakh shukar. We crossed 100 runs barrier twice in two days.
If we have the same top 3 for our ODI then we will lose 5-0 and all very heavy defeats
i think today it be easy for SA, may be 14 overs, I don't think so that our bowlers can do it every day.
Rawalpindi Express to pick up all 10 passengers today . :p
can we make a deal with saf and say if you win in less than 15 you win, else we win.
South Africa | 0/3 | 1 Over | Need 118 runs to win from 19 Overs

3 off the over!
A banner: "T20 is more than cricket. It's an attitude."

And our players suck at it.
1 more run than yesterday, obviously we are improving!

lol so we made exactly the same batting total with the same team?
The worrying thing is apart from Kami (AS AN OPENER) and Aamir I cant think of anyone who would come into this team to improve it. Maybe Salman to open with Kami but I would'nt hope on that too much :S
need a quick breakthrough...

runs not enough to defend, will need to bowl them out.
Gul forgot how to bowl yorkers, doesn't have a total to defend here, but looking good for the test matches!
okay . decent . 7 after 2 overs but early wickets required
South Africa | 0/7 | 2 Overs | Need 114 runs to win from 18 Overs

4 off the over!
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