Pakistan v West Indies 5th ODI (Pak Innings)


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Jun 1, 2001
239 to win for Pakistan.

Out come Mohamed Hafeez and Kamran Akmal
surprised to see Akmal opening.... I think Hameeds only chance of breaking into this side is in the opening slot...
azcali78 said:
More experiments, Akmal to open?

Especially when Hameed is in the side - irrespective of what Akmal does, its another strange move.
Powell starts with a no ball, outswing and beats Hafeez
guided to 3rd man by Hafeez for a single
Rameez talking about Akmals success at Karachi, vs England and India
Akmal off the mark with a guided single to 3rd man.
I dont get the playing times. So they will play for 15 mins and then there will be lunch? This is kind a silly.
azcali78 said:
I dont get the playing times. So they will play for 15 mins and then there will be lunch? This is kind a silly.

No they've had lunch.

Smith is slashed away over the slips for 4 by Akmal.
Akmal fancies Smith's bowling. Having a real go at him here. Slashes hard at the ball but misses
7 for 0 at the end of the 2nd over.
Akmal looks very nervous. I hope Inshallah he will play a good innings but seems like he is still trying to find the form of last year.
nearly gone. Hafeez cramped up and nearly hits it to mid wicket
Hafeez all at sea. Squared up, wafts his bat at the outswinger - clueless !
Hafeez played a madein. I am still not sure about Hafeez. I dont know what is his role just to see of the new ball or score some runs as well. Okay you cant hit four every ball but atleast try to get some 1s or 2s
can't understand why Collymore hasn't opened the bowling. Stunning shot from Akmal, over cover for 4
great shot. Cover drive over the top, from the meat of the bat by Akmal
delicate leg glance for 4 by Akmal. Fine leg up inside the circle, not clever bowling from Smith
Smith releasing all the pressure being built up at the other end
Hafeez ball watching. Good running from Akmal, 1 leg bye.
Good call from Akmal. single taken. Hafeez needs to stop looking at the ball and respond to his partner. I have seen him do that many times.
18 for 0 from 5 overs.

Steady start, a couple of scares, but the wicket still looks easy paced
I really dont know what Hafeez is doing here.

Playing and missing, blocking and then a wild slog.
pulled away by Akmal for 4.

Controlled shot. 23 for 0 from 7 overs
wild slog from Hafeez.

What on earth is this guy doing. 1 run from 18 balls, poor cricket from him.
Better shot from Hafeez, played through mimd wicket for 1.

Hafeez needs to settle down and just look for the singles.
good shot from Akmal... charges down and whacks it over mid-wicket.
Hammered over the top for 4 by Akmal. Down the track and lofts Smith for 4
And then a single.... Hafeez should watch how Akmals batting.
Collymore comes into the attack now. Strange why he didnt open the bowling.
hafeez looks like a man desperately playing for a spot in the team
good start from Colly.... Hafeez backing up miles... nearly run out... direct hit would've got him.
Hafeez nearly run out again

Hafeez seems very panicked out there
What the hell is wrong with this guy Hafeez. When there is run he looks at the ball when there is not run. One more close call.
Akmal looking to get after Collymore, slides down leg side but not given as a wide.
2 runs to Akmal, guided down to fine third man.
Collymore showing that he should have opened... Akmal really looking to attack.
Innovation again from Akmal. Down the track and looks to hit it over mid wicket. Doesnt connect though
Saj said:
Innovation again from Akmal. Down the track and looks to hit it over mid wicket. Doesnt connect though
Well he has no choice. Hafeez is just there to block and play madein overs.
Hit through the line and over the top by Hafeez for 4.

First shot of authority from him
wow ! what a shot by Hafeez !

Comes down the track, hits the ball straight down the ground for 6.
nearly out. Didnt quite carry to mid off. Hafeez lives on.
Eased through mid wicket by the little dynamo Akmal for 2 runs
Bang ! Take that, in the slot and hammered over mid off for 4 by Hafeez
48 for 0 from 11 overs. Good start by Pak
Akmal at his best.

Down the track, pulls it away for 4 over square leg
Similar shot by Akmal.

Hammered away by Kamran. Some nifty footwork here.
Bishop is being cry baby about the pitch. Adopt, learn 4 more by kami on squre leg
high full toss.

Smashed over long leg for 6 by Kamran.

Akmal has a train to catch and is in a hurry here :)