Pakistan VS England 2nd ODI: Score Updates! (Pak Innings)


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Jun 1, 2001
167 to win at 4.18 per over.

Fire away folks.
6 from the first over for Pakistan.

A mixed bag from Gough, with 3 from the last ball from an on drive from Malik
Hmm..Jon Lewis to share. I thought Broad did really well...
The mop haired Lewis starts with a wide
Malik fishing...

Isn't his action a bit like Akhtar and Rana mixed, with some Asif in there?
Thought that was Malik the way he played that ball
Lewis gets Hafeez.

Outswinger, not very well played by Hafeez, easy catch for Read
the only way pakistan play in these conditions are too play shots frm ball 1
1.5 Lewis to Younis Khan, FOUR, banged in short and Younis Khan pulls this well through midwicket to get off the mark in aggressive style
lovely straight drive by Malik for 3 runs thorough mid off.

Head over the ball.
2 square of point for YK. A controlled shot.

18 for 1
Good bowling by Lewis and Gough so far not giving anything away for free.
bang ! go and fetch that - YK smashes Broad to the point boundary
4 more to YK.

Short delivery, pulled away comfortably by YK

30 for 1
Broad relieving pressure by bowling short. Patience young lad, patience....
6.3 Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, too short, son, :16:too short, Younis rocks back and pulls that over midwicket with ease, no problems on that shot
6.2 Broad to Younis Khan, no run, short again but its crunched to Collingwood at backward point
6.1 Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, but he wont be getting many if he bowls like that, very wide outside and its duly dispatched past point in fine style, good shot
Broad it will be next, in search of quick wickets is England
Poor stuff from Broad, i expected more from him as an england fan... Lewis has bowled very well though, but Pakistan are still favourites.
nothing shot from Malik.

No need to play at that ball - gone. 30 for 2
Malik gone, pushes at a gentle outswinger.

Pak 30/2
Moyo new man in, would have been nice to see Afridi come in.

137 needed off 32.2 overs
Pakistan 30/2

Shoaib Malik c wicket-keeperRead b Lewis 10 (24b 0x4 0x6) sr: 41.66

Leg bye

lewis looks like ideal bowler for these conditions.
Amjid Javed said:
Malik gone, pushes at a gentle outswinger.

Pak 30/2
you mean
With fresh blood bowling within the powerplays I would have liked to see Afridi as well....
7.5 Lewis to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 leg bye, full and swinging down leg, Yousuf falls over in his stride and is rapped on the front leg but that was missing leg anyways, a muted appeal from the bowler
Mohammad Yousuf in now with his side just wobbling in pursuit of a small total
pakistani pride said:
LOL never will understand why trundlers get so much respect at times !

I think he is ideal was seaming conditions. Has done a good job till now