Pakistan vs India | Asia Cup, 5th Match | Dhaka | 18/3/12 | India's Innings

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Spinners will be reliable, if Gul and Wahab have an off day than we might be in trouble.
ofcourse we can, but will we do it today is the question.

We could've got another 20 runs thou with the platform we had
If 329 cannot be defended with the bowling resources at hand, Pakistan don't deserve to win.
India will be all out for 150........

Batting is bound to fail miserably;y one of these days......
Pak will win .... Ajmals 10 overs and wahabs yorkers in the end .... not easy for India
If Pakistan bowl as well as they usually do, they can easily even defend 280
India wont go down without a fight, I hope Pakistan can keep it tight enough for their batsmen to make mistakes. Ajmal will be key, pitch is spinning.

Amir Sohail thinks Afridi is injured and unfit.
That's a bit rich coming from you ! FYI they're playing :Akmal: as keeper & fielding surely is their weakest trade of the three at show here !

as far as I know..pak's bowlers rarely depend on their fielders! they are a good bowling pack...accept mate

It's funny to see people worried about 330. The same people would have gladly taken 260 before the match considering how bad our batting has been.

Spinners will do better on these pitches. Ashwin bowled rubbish and he still went at 5 something an over. And our pacers are better to I think.
Considering the opening stand, we should have finished on 350-360. You never know with their batting lineup, it could be a walk in the park.
Firstly this was a 350 runs wicket.

But 329 runs are more than enough. We have loaded our team with many bowlers so this should be defended though India are good chasers and have a very good batting line-up.
Of course they can.

Its very a good batting wicket and India has a good strong batting line up but really no excuses.

I expect Pakistan to comfortably defend it.
They will. Jamshed and Hafeez won it for you guys in 30 overs itself.
Hopefully :afridiTendulkar's hand is injured :afridi and forces him into retirement :afridi.
I personally feel that we are 20-30 runs short.

But, our bowling attack is as illustrious as their batting order, the real battle in cricket is Indian batsmen against pakistani bowlers on pancakes!
Lets see how Umar performs behind the stumps now, not a great decision as far as I'm concerned but lets see!
Sachin missed a lot of time in the field. DOn't think he should be allowed to open.
I am more worried about our fielding , our bowling shhould be alright . :inti
Expect at least one drop from Umar. Can't believe we're going with a part time keeper again.....
India will win this for sure!!

I have full faith in indian batsman and i believe if only one or two of any of our batters have a good day we will win easily.Chak de India
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IF PAK WIN ... india goes out of tournament ?? confirm ?

Well if bd loses then its a three way tie in SL, IND, BD, may go down to RR, if IND loses big today their NRR will take a hit, we are in finals as long as we dont give bonus pt.
India will lose this badly...........

Batting is bound to fail one of these days :facepalm:

India deserve to lose badly for the 2nd string trundlers they selected for Asia cup.... Why would you send these bowlers who bowl at a predictable 120k with not much variation on flat Asia pitches??? :facepalm:
Hafeez will bowl 10 overs for 30-40 and maybe a couple of wickets

that will leave 40 overs to get 290ish

Ajmal will bowl 10 overs for 40-60 but with 2 or 3 wickets

these two are pivotal for pakistan's chances of winning as they will leave the required rate soaring.

However, Gul, Riaz and Cheema will certainly be taken to the cleaners IMO
Inshallah we will!

with the bowling resources we have...I don't see why not!

Pakistan Zindabad!
I have full faith in indian batsman and i believe if only one or two of any of our batters have a good day we will win easily.Chak de India

India can win this but easily and for sure I am not so sure.
Woh khud aik injured aur unfit aadmi hai :afridi

Considering what Afridi said about Amir. I think Amir has been really fair, and maybe a little too kind on Afridi. Dont think its the injury. Afridi is just out of form with the bat.
Tbh, we were set for at least 350.

Afridi's innings, did not expect him to tuk tuk :))). Kya ho gaya bhai jaan? Man is getting old. :afridi

Anyways, good target but India is capable of chasing such scores. Would've felt safe with 350!
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