Pakistan vs South Africa |1st Test | 16/11/2010 | Day 5: Session 1-The Great Escape.

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Oct 26, 2005
InshaAllah.90 overs to bat with 8 wickets left we will do it.
Go for it boys.
Lets hope for once our batsmen stand up show that they can REALLY BAT.
Younis khan to score a century today. Make us proud younis khan.
Good morning ppers!

Have butterflies in my stomach, I don't know why. This is routine for the team.
I'm praying for a draw or a real good fight. Would like it if a loss is avoided
Greaat escape?? more like the great collapse

love the positivity that match threads start with then 10 pages from now its the complete oppisite

we need these two to stay for a while

i will watch until lunch..have to get up early and go yo Eid prayers

EID Mubarak everyone and lets prat for a win or draw
Zong janta hai Hamari zaroorat. Lol

I wonder if the youth of Pakistan knows anything other than cell phones and texts
hopefully they can build a strong relationship :raja and dont break up until second session
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can we do it yonis and azhar need to bat for a very very very long time if we have any chance at all
Short pitch stuff to Azhar. I'm loving pp on iPhone. Thank you mods
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