Pakistan vs South Africa | 2nd Test | 23/11/2010 | Abu Dhabi | Day 4 : Session 1

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Cover Drive

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Aug 12, 2009
Pakistan are 317/6 with Misbah on crease at 77* while Rehman is on not after facing 10 deliveries.

First hour would be crucial for Pakistan and Misbah would be key for Pakistan. Lets hope Pakistan go through the first session without losing any wickets.

Pakistan need another 68 runs to avoid follow on.

Good Luck Pakistan. May Allah (SWT) succeed the boys! Aameen!

33 minutes to go...
Salam All

Grandpa :misbah deserves taaliyan for batting so well . I hope he is able to convert his 70 into a century or two unlike some other Pakistani batsmen :p
Salam fellow PPers

Hopefully el captain saves us and avoids the follow on

Tail enders need to support misbah
this i do not understand why these batsmen cannot convert their 50s into 100s ? what is their problem ?
i was going to watch until lunch

but after this i think im going to catch up on some sleep

Thats what tail should do SLOG SLOG SLOG

Their defence isnt good enuff to survive against steyn and morkel
i think dale is going to rip these guys apart

gul needs a classic 50
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