Pakistan vs South Africa | 2nd Test | 24/11/2010 | Abu Dhabi | Day 5: Session 1

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Looks like Smith is loaded with confidence and some arrogance to bat till lunch n get the lead past 400 runs and then dismiss the entire Pak batting line before end of the day.
A pretty much possible scenario in my opinion.
Well, we have been saying that the Pak batting has improved this series (or it may just be the flat pitches), this is the time to test it. If Pak batting collapses today, I will be highly disappointed. Let Smith pile on runs but remember we cannot score 300+ runs a day! So, don't even try to win, even though I would love a series win. Just play slowly and cautiously for a draw because as soon as we try to go for the win, Harris and Botha will spin the ball and trump our batsmen.
I am going to sleep, its 1 am here and I have uni tmrw, so Good Luck Lads. When I wake-up I dont wanna see a loss as the result of this match!
Somebody tell me that we wont lose this match so I can go to sleep peacefully.
Last few overs will be heart throbbing.
IMO, Pak batting will be in absolute tatters and you all will be praying for divine help to have the match saved while I will be having a "Chaen ki neend".
Everyones having fun. They know its a draw. Quite boring. Saffers have no one but themselves to blame
The saffers probably want a lead of 400 just to make sure pak doesnt have a chance
damn. did that bowl reverse swing? we are gonna loose this if the ball swings today
SA will try and set us 400 in 70 odd overs. Impossible to lose really for them, but they might be able to clean us up.
Why is the field ultra defensive? Haven't they learned anything from the Sydney nightmare?
The debutant favoured to the experienced warhorse :sami
Rameez is such a depressing commentator.
why are they not declaring ? they htink we will be able to make 340 runs in a DAY ?
Gulla bowling well here. Pitch looks to have deteriorated, slightly.
Tanvir is like a nippier version of Yasir Arafat.
anyone noticed shillingford's point of release looks different after he's been reported?
or is it just me?
and no thread for west indies vs sri lanka?
LOL South Africa. They already have enough runs but once again they are a little bit scared to lose.

Are they expecting pak to chase 4.5 an over that they are not declaring?
As of now, Pakistan will have to bat a maximum of 82 overs. No idea what sort of master plan SAF are executing
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