Pakistan Vs South Africa|pakistan Batting|part 2|match 10!

where should afridi bat? either at 3 or after akmal as his waisted at 5 its a accumulation position not going after everything
right, 213, not bad , inshAllah we can do it.

its important for us, to get a good start by that i mean an attacking start !
Let the battle commence, first 10 overs vital for me, if we dont lose any wickets or max 1 wicket, we are winning this one comfortably!
1 for 0

Farhat is the key for me, blv me he is for pakistan as ewll..

leaves it well alone, good lad!
Pakistan have played on this pitch before as well, so we know what we are doing, hopefully.

Farhat off the mark, with 1 to 3rd man :11:

2 for 0
bismillah...come on boys no need to take risks..keep wickets in hand..take singles and play on the ground. We will do it inshallah!
so far, pitch does not seem to be playing any tricks.

2 runs down to fine leg, good fielding could have been 4.

4 for 0

1 over
caught at first slip, just left his bat outside for the edge.

5 for 1 pakistan, dang it!
We're here cavin. We're just in awe

Imran Farhat played Ntini brilliantly in Pakistan but that was a test match. Having said that, 4 an over is no great shakes. He can afford to be judicial with his shot selection
IF we lose this game, we will know how india fel tin karachi. I am shocked, they should hav ebeen out for 120.
if there ever was a need for a captains innings in world cricket, this would be it!!

come on younis cheetahey!!!
Its really really important for FARHAT to stay out there in the middle even if we lose like another couple of wickets after 30 overs:p

younis beaten.
younis quite tentative with his feet movement, neighter back nor fwd.

come on younis ...
for GOddddddds sakeeeeeeeee
younis no run outssssssssssss

nearly one, farhat sent him back in time
Inswinging Yorker said:
what u runnin for?
tell me about it, why is he so stupid 99.99% of the time, and stop smiling everytime you get beaten out side the off stump

saying that farhat samashes pollock but straight to the fielder, good fielding.
deffo 4 saved there by nel.

Farhat is going to score 93* today, inshAllah looking good
leaves the next one
that was a classy guide to 3rd man by farhat cheetah! such arrogance ...keep it up :D
wooo, that ball came back sharply, younis played it late, well played!!!

n smiles again :|
Younis Khan is captain he should be a little less edgy. Everytime he touches a ball with his bat, he wants to run.
come on peeps where is everyone, we need some positive energy here, come on we are winning this , where is every one ???? not back from jummah prayers yet ?
that was a good catch by smith, well taken have to admit.

natini to younis runs in nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn goes for the pull, misses altogether:|

8 for 1
ok, so we get it, you want to be positive out there, i have no problem with that, but play straight !!!!please
bladerunner said:
i am here but on an edge of a heart attack so i can only read not write :)
no worries we still winning this!

single to younis and he gets off the mark down to fine leg.

9 for 1