Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 1st T20I | Dubai | 11th Dec | Pakistan innings

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Easy chase for Pak. Will be very tough to defend this.
there is somethng wrong with speed guns :/ malinga is bowling with much better spee dbut its showing 133
Malinga dishing out yorker after yorker from the word go.
Malinga laughing, if that was Steyn he would be swearing like there's no tomorrow.
Should look to attack Malinga, he lacks the former killer instinct he used to have.
Shehzad off the mark with 3 thru the legside
I thought the bowling was not top notch , but that was more due to Hafeez`s captaincy . 146 is still an achievable target , anything less than 150 should be for even our batsmen .
Malinga concedes 9 of the over. Take him off for the rest of the match :hafeez
Not open for further replies.