Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 2nd T20I | Dubai | 13th Dec | Sri Lankan Innings

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stupid Geo Super. Haris Sohail pic was displayed against the name Umar Amin :facepalm:
Geo Super :)) Amin and Sharjeel's faces swapped. Beasts :afridi
They should have batted first. Its the same pitch used on Wednesday so ball might grip later.
Looks like the hopelessly philosophical Professor is hell bent to make Dilshan look right.
Yes, most of the time we are horrible chasers. I think it's a wrong decision to bowl first here.
Maan, this guy can play- Sir Garfield Sobers while watching Imran Nazir in Barbados.
unchanged. should have tried bench strength as we could not have lost the series. No matter lets see what our bowlers do.
really!! then we really should have tried haris and junaid as they could play in the world cup.

They'll be there, don't worry.

Although I wouldn't prefer one of them to be. And I believe that this will be Umar Amin's last failure in this format too.

.. at least, I'm hoping.
First Russel tells that pakistan won toss and chose to bowl first
Then they broadcast the toss again :))
No.1 rank to take today ! We had to play our best XI and topple the lankans :hafeez

a more prepared world cup team would have been better then a volatile number 1. However since we went this way lets crush the lankans. Go team.
hope shenwari bowls more then just one over. complete his quota as you have soo many bowlers who can cover for him if he goes expensive.
Again and again ramiz is syaign that a history is about to made :/ ?

what history ?
Usman clearly nervous. Needs time to calm down.
No swing. Wrong line. Looks like he was rushed to the international game.
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