Pakistan vs West Indies | World T20 | 01/04/14 | Dhaka | Pakistan Innings

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Feb 10, 2010
167 to win
Champion batting by the current champions

can we do it boys
Pakistan can do this, the pitch isn't difficult, other than Narine, every bowler is a target. Hell, if Ajmal can be targeted here so can Narine
Wth happened?!?

They were 90-5 in about 15. 82 in the last 5 overs... Damn.

Guess it means our boys know we have to be positive. Come on boys.
Very very tough depends on power play overs

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Need a big innings from one batsman like the ones shehzad and Akmal have played so far.
This is cheating/trolling by Sammy....He said he would take many singles and not hit sixes :129: Not a man of his words
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just gonna say this again. Whenever I'm not in the mood to watch match Pak loses :hafeez
Pakistan need a incredible start here. Going by history I dont see Pakistani batsman holding their nerves.
its ok, just about 30 more than we wanted to chase but we can do it. we just had a bad 2 overs, it happens in this format. we gonna do this
I'm not watching this game and only looking at score at cricinfo. How is the pitch? Was there anything in it?
Shehzad out didn't pick Santokie at all

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And I said that!

When Shezad scores big he will go out early in his next game and it happened.

Bye Pak!
Here we go. Shehzad is gone already!!! what a start. we lost it already. Great job Shehzad, keep dreaming about your 100 against BD.
Shehzad is riding high after his 100

Time to show the consistency now !
If Pak don't lose more 2/3 wickets in the first 10 overs, they can chase this.
Great first ball by Santoke to get Shehzad. There was little Shehzad could have done.
Windians will be looking to suffocate Pakistan
Well our previous match centurion gone. can kamran and hafeez make a difference.
Most talented Shezulkar Kohli first ball gone.

And some people say scoring in chase is overrated.
Tuk tuk will not do it for Pakistan they need to play with some pride and attack from beginning to end. #tuktuk #bottlers
hafeez will waste all the balls and will get out. come on get out and let someone else do nsomething
Pak's Second Innings total


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this is looking terrible 1-1 after the 1st over..
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