Pakistan vs West Indies | World T20 | 01/04/14 | Dhaka | West Indies Innings

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Jun 22, 2009
A must win Match for both teams to book a place in the Semi Final ..
Gotta feeling we'll be bowling first.

Either way, pretty even contest and may the best team win.
toss lost but we are bowling fast and chasing. Good we need practice and if dew comes it can really work for us.
We are chasing? NOOOOOOO

Sohail Tanvir and Malik still in the team? NOOOOOO
who cares about sharjeel.. how in the world is screw driver playing instead of junaid
West Indies will bowl in the dew!

Watching Star 3 and Wasim is saying there is no sign of Dew so far and it looks like it will be a balance match without dew factor thats why Sammy want to bat first.
are they playing on a different pitch or the same as the previous match
No changes. Tanvir better not mess this up. His slower one will be smashed for sixes.,


If WI make 145 they should take it
Good luck to the WI fans and of course to Pakistani fans. Just hope now.
Should restrict them below 140 else it's going to be very very very difficult :(
Pakistan vs West Indies | World T20 | 01/04/14 | Dhaka |

Why oh why Tanvir

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Well, I hope there is a lot of dew bowling 2nd. That is the only positive I can take from the toss, other than that, we need to restrict them to under 130 MAXIMUM.
Very nervous. Just look at our batting. Only umar and shazad are class. I'm worried
Chasing has been horrible so far !

Will we be bowled out under 100? :hafeez
Pakistan vs West Indies | World T20 | 01/04/14 | Dhaka |

If we chase anything over 150 we will lose

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really wanted us to bat first...

if they apply this new stuff to the ground like they did in cgong then there will be no dew and on a wearing wicket with scoreboard pressure I think we could be in trouble
For those nervous about the match DONT BE!!!

Last time Netherlands beat England in WT20 Pak won the cup remember ._____.
Poor selection yet again from both sides.

Pakistan - Tanvir over Junaid is baffling.

West Indies - Why on earth do they not play Rampaul instead of Russell? And why Ramdin ahead of Charles?
Pakistan vs West Indies | World T20 | 01/04/14 | Dhaka |

Lol Dirk Nannes compared Shehzad to Kohli again

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There is not been much dew in Dhaka.

It will be a tough chase if WI get 150 in a pressure game.

Anyway Just try their best.
Winning toss against Pakistan in this WC has been a tricky deal.

Pakistan are not known to chase well, so in normal condition you would ask them to chase. But at the same time there will be flood of dew later on. So if you let them chase then anything can happen.

Pakistan's bowling is good, so batting first in better bowling conditions can backfire you, tough decisions.

But i would have done what Sammy did. Take a leap of faith and ask them to chase
Just hope pak players are switched on right from the word go, otherwise it will be very hard to get back in business, and fielding will decide the outcome that which team will win, mark my words, whichever team field will well take the game. Hope pak don't mess it up, and play without any fear of failure, Ya Allah Help Us.
WI favourites for Sky Pundits hope we can prove them wrong

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Tanvir could cost us he is a rubbish bowler

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