Pakistan vs Zimbabwe | 3rd ODI | Multan | 27/01/08 | Zim Innings


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Jun 1, 2001
273 to win for Zimbabwe at about 5.5 runs per over.

A new look Pakistan bowling attack today with Yasir Arafat recalled and a debut for Kamran Hussein.

Still only 5 front line bowlers though.
I'm here.

Cricinfo isn't updating so your updates are all I have atm.
tanvir never bowled the one that came in before because he didnt have the confidence. its good to see hes getting a hang of it....he can be very dangerous once he does it on a consistance basis
Arafat does not look like a middle overs bowler to me. With his lack of height and his tendency to bowl a full length (which isn't ideal when the ball isnt swinging in the middle overs) he needs to bowl with the new ball or at the death.

Otherwise I don't see how he can be of much use to this Pak side. He is being played with ease by the Zimbwabwe batsmen.
ok this match seems over to off to bed good luck to everyone watchin! bye
afridi denied a plumb lbw .. pakistani bowlers not getting any lbw calls this series ..
Zimbees scoring singles with regularity. And, with wickets in hand, can go for the boundaries later, goodness, they might pull it off, come on Pakistan.
inzidabest said:
historical day. Akmal does not drop a catch nd also does a stumping

he has to try and make a poing to pcb because he would off been kicked out again because of his lack off runs
reverse swing in an ODI ...

haven't seen that in a while ...

i think waqar has been secretly working with our bowlers this series :19: :19: :19:
dblock said:
I think Zimbabwe are just content in batting 50 overs.

seems like the zimmies objective all series long has been to go for the "respectable loss"
Won comfortably by 37 runs.
Some would not be happy but then again we weren't even happy with the 100 run win.
kashif77 said:
seems like the zimmies objective all series long has been to go for the "respectable loss"

They took more wickets than us too, oh the shame.

:12: :O
Yes, not a convincing win; our batters collapse and we only take seven wickets.
in order to take wickets in multan .. the opposition has to be willing to give up their wickets .. but the Zimbabweans were in no such mood .. they were happy with a respectable loss instead of a chance at victory.

overall tanvir and kamran bowled well..

yasir i think is more suited for test cricket..

afridi needs to start bowling his quicker one again..

and it's good to see malik getting through his quota .. and with bhajji chuking his doosras again .. maybe malik should do so as well.
Just checked the scorecard, was looking forward to Sohail Khan's bowling figures :( . Does'nt seem like a very convincing win.
sombody will have to be dropped/rested next game for sohail khan to get a go. i doubt they will rest tanvir... and arafat and hussain were playing their first games so will they really be rested? hmmmm was really looking forward to seeing Sohail Khan given a go .... as for batting Yousuf should definitely be rested and Fawad Alam should step in.