[PICTURES/VIDEOS] “My advice for the nation is to be patient as nothing can change overnight": Younis Khan


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Aug 29, 2023
Younis Khan speaking, after the World Championship of Legend game against India, during a post-match presser:

“Our current team is very fit but when you’re not winning these kinds of discussions arise. Now that we are winning, it’s going in our favor. I believe that senior players should play in such a way because they appear a lot in the media and critically analyze the batters and bowlers. Our performances are very good even though we do not spend a lot of time in the ground, but the experience that our players have and the technical things they talk about on media, I benefit a lot from it.”

"From the first day, I said that our bad luck was that we couldn’t perform in the World Cup the way we wanted to. This was an opportunity for us to play cricket even though we are not playing the same type of cricket as our current team is playing. The media is quite widespread but as we are ex-players, we are still visible somewhere, so people haven’t forgotten us yet. This is an opportunity for us to give happiness to our nation and our fans who are a bit upset. We are not doing much, but we are doing as much as we can in our capacity. If we win this trophy, it will be better for cricket as well.”

“When we used to play cricket, we used to play with India regularly, so we had less pressure on us. But now we see that India and Pakistan only play in World Cup events or ICC events. So, our young team feels a bit of pressure. In my opinion, there should be more series to reduce the pressure and improve their skills and show us all.”

"The national team is a national team. What do we want from Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, and Fakhar Zaman? Each player has come here after a lot of hard work. We shouldn’t talk about replacing them here, we should respect them. We all sit on the media and talk about what is needed should be done.”

When asked about giving some advice to fans and PCB to get back on track

“My advice for the nation is to be patient. The reason for this is also that nothing can change overnight. We cannot talk about removing our players and bringing in players from somewhere else. As a senior player I cannot say that removed everybody and making a young team, it is not possible. The situation was the same even after the 2003 World Cup.”

“It is not necessary to talk about whether the captain is senior or junior. You make him a captain who is capable, who can take pressure. It’s not just the job of batting and bowling. To become a leader, you have to think for every player. You should know what his technique is, what his energy is, and what his skills are. Only then can you get the best out of them, like we talk about Imran Khan or Javed Miandad, why were they good? In my opinion, a leader should be a good player, but he should also be a good motivator."​
Younis Khan and others probably feeling the pressure of having to perform themselves after criticizing others!
Younis Khan still considers himself a senior player despite being retired for so long.

It's his favourite phrase.

It's a shame that his communication style isn't the best. Many of our players can learn a lot from him about the grit and toughness to bat long innings in test match cricket.
In rationality YK is right nothing changes overnight even if we select players like Sharjeel Khan Umar Akmal Umer Amin Fawad Alam we will still be battered.
The team needs a shift in approach and fitness is the foremost element for any change.

Let’s continue being patients
LOL. I think Younis Khan was talking about being Patients like those who need treatment otherwise there is not patience left in cricket fans from Pakistan
LOL. I think Younis Khan was talking about being Patients like those who need treatment otherwise there is not patience left in cricket fans from Pakistan
I think a large section of fans still have patience for the nonsense. I’ve thoroughly checked this recently here
I know he has a habit of being too mercurial for his own good, but Younis is someone this Pakistan team really needs. Maybe as a mentor.
Yk can’t just outright bury the current team while they’re down and out. His nature is to show support. Deep down he knows what failures the current team are and is probably hoping they’re watching and may try and emulate the approach
I think a large section of fans still have patience for the nonsense. I’ve thoroughly checked this recently here
You’re right - there’s still the ”let’s give babar and Rizwan time” brigade.

They are fully bought in to the propaganda of babar and Rizwan giving some izzat to Pakistan (why I’ll never know). It was the same with Misbah. History may not repeat, but it does rhyme.
To be completly fair. What YK is saying isn't completly wrong.

You can't just remove the entire unit.

Theirs no sense in removing fakhar from whiteball or shaheen even for that matter.

And tbf, Theirs no sense in removing babar from odi or test and rizwan from test atleast.

However mentality is where the issue lies
Enough of this Zimbabar and his friends they should be kicked out certainly from T20i team.

There is no place for players like Zimbabar rizwan Usman hack shadab khan chacha iftikhar and saim has gotten way too many chances as well.

All these players after that abysmal performance in world cup should be kicked out and never allowed back again in t20is.
Younis Khan brings up his fifty 35 balls with a strike rate of 142.85 against the West Indies Champions in 2024. Maybe Rizwan and Babar can only dream of playing with such a strike rate in decades.

He came out to bat when the Pakistan Champions were in huge trouble at 10/3, and what a rescue act it was by the legend


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Irfan bowled him with a jaffa. Too much passion from the Pathan.
yeah i know nothing can be changed in Pakistan cricket .. everyone is busy doing statpadding.
I very much doubt that Younis would tolerate Babar or Rizwan at breakfast, these are just some fun comments, like the WWF….
In cricket, we always hear about the importance of patience. But if you look at history, you'll see that some of the biggest successes in cricket came from bold, impatient moves. Sri Lanka in 1996, England with Bazball, India in 2007. Pakistan cricket needs to learn from these examples now.

Sri Lanka 1996

Back in '96, nobody thought Sri Lanka would win the World Cup. They weren't considered a big team. But they decided to change the game with their aggressive batting in the first 15 overs. Sanath Jayasuriya and Romesh Kaluwitharana went all out, and it worked. They shocked everyone and won the World Cup. They didn’t take it slow; they took a big, bold step and it paid off.

England Bazzball

Look at England with their Bazball approach. They didn’t slowly adapt to this new style. One day, they just decided to go all-in with aggressive, fast-scoring cricket. It was a huge change from their old, cautious way of playing. But guess what? It worked! They started winning matches and became a tough team to beat. This overnight change showed that sometimes, you just need to take a risk.

India 2007 T20I

Remember 2007? India was at a crossroads with T20 cricket. Instead of slowly easing into the format, they took a huge gamble. They sent a young, untested team under MS Dhoni to the T20 World Cup. No one expected much, but those youngsters played without fear and won the whole thing. That bold move changed Indian cricket forever.

Rohit Sharma 2023/2024
The Captain himself decided that he will go after the bowling in every innings against each and every opposition, whatever the conditions. He took his team to the finals of the ODI WC and won the T20I WC and retired with his head held high. Did he ease himself into this approach patiently? No. One fine day he wakes up in the morning and Bam!

Pakistan cricket is at a crucial point. People might say they need patience, but history shows that bold moves lead to success. Pakistan needs to take risks, bring in fresh talent, and play fearlessly.

For Pakistan, the time for patience is over.

Peace Out! :afridi