Please help - buying bats direct from CA factory


Jun 21, 2013
Hi guys. I am new to this forum but have been reading for a while now and need some advice. Ok so I finally got a reply from CA factory in regards to buying a Ca 15000 plus. They sent me price of 25000 pkr for bat plus 4000 for postage to Australia. I am happy to pay this but not sure of the method of payment. The email was from a Hamza Zahid and he has told me to deposit money via Western Union to the following person.

Please transfer payment by Western Union by using these details and provide me the MTCN number once the funds have been transferred.

Name: Mohammed Farooq
Father's Name: Rajmal Khan
National Identity Card # 34501-2015461-9

Does this sound right. Has anyone delt with these people and is this how it is done.

If anyone can give some advice this would really put my mind at ease:
I am based in Dubai (UAE). During last 10 months i have purchased 2 CA plus 15000 bats and 3 Plus 15000 ltd edition bats and all my purchase was dirtect from CA factory. The price i paid for CA plus 15000 was same 25000 pkr but postage was less because of the countries distance.

I can safely say that they told me to pay through the same mode i.e western union and the receivers name also was Mohammed farooq.

All CA plus 15k bats are real guns, i can assure you. You can transfer the money and maximum 9 days you will receive your bat.
You can pay through PayPal as well, if you have an account with them.