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Cover Drive

Senior ODI Player
Aug 12, 2009
PakPassion is delighted to introduce a new section for our esteemed members: "The Cricket Equipment Forum" which can now be accessed by going to the following link:

We appreciate that many of our members actively play cricket at various levels, and this new sub-forum will provide the ideal opportunity for all equipment enthusiasts to discuss their favourite subject!

The popularity of Cricket Equipment on PakPassion and amongst our membership can be gauged from the existing "Cricket Equipment Thread" in the main Cricket forum; that thread is one of the most popular ever on PakPassion, with over 53 pages and in excess of 4,000 replies! Hence, a specialist section for this popular topic was definitely needed.

Cricket Equipment, just like the game of cricket itself, is constantly evolving, in particular at the highest levels: bats, pads, protective equipment, are all improving as modern materials and technology is utilised to the fullest extent possible by equipment manufacturers.

Hence, many cricket followers watch international cricket not just for the live action and the result; they are also constantly on the look-out for new trends and developments in equipment. This sub-forum will provide the ideal space for all of us to discuss such trends, and also to point out and highlight the equipment used by our favourite players.

Of course, as Pakistanis we are also justifiably very proud of the fact that a lot of the world's high quality cricket equipment is made in Pakistan, in the famous city of Sialkot!

We look forward to many interesting posts and some fascinating debates in this new forum.

Happy Posting!

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This section is intend for discussing cricket equipment only; trading is also strictly prohibited.
Congratulations Cover drive.. you finally succeeded in making a separate section for cricket equipement! :)
Congrats on finally getting this made.
Hope this section gets more people posting.