PP Premier League Fantasy Football (06-07)


Test Debutant
Mar 2, 2004
It's back! :D

Here are instructions on how to join:

(1) Go to : http://fantasy.premierleague.com

(2) Register!

(3) Read Terms and Conditions and if you do, agree! (A copy ot the T&C: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/showtac.html)

(4) Pick your team (Unlimited changes can be made until the first deadline which is 13 Aug 11:30 )

(5) Go to the 'Leagues' tab.

(6) You have to join a private league. The code for the PP Fantasy Football League is:


Note: You can make one free transfer a week. If you make more, it will cost you 4 points per transfer! I'd also advise you to read the rules as I'm sure it would be helpful. (Rules: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/rules.html)


Good luck to all of you and remember to enter on time! :) ;-)
As most of you know there is an exclusive user title at stake.

All questions, updates and discussions to be posted on this thread please.
Oh yes this time i will start on time and hopefully do better !! cmmon !!
I finished in the middle which was surprising since I had little knowledge of english premier league, so I hope to do better this year.....
come on lads, join up!

and get the others to too. the more the merrier.
The Monk's Assassin said:
Hitman are you doing the metro fantesy fooball league as well?

No. This one is better. Budget is much less generous and hence a greater test of your abilities. ;-)
Hitman said:
No. This one is better. Budget is much less generous and hence a greater test of your abilities. ;-)


what liverpool have you got in your team?

Not long left and not many teams joined so far.
more members are needed. Who was in it last year who hasn't signed up?
yeah we need more members cmmon !! theres only a few, the more the better
Try and get in touch with any of the underlined. I think Arshad and Amjad though are boycotting the competition.

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1 spurs player only because that certain player is amazing and no manure players :D
he'd have to be some player for u to pick him.
im boasting a distinct lack of boro players this season :D
phew thank god i signed into FF just to check things..and heinze whos in my starting line up has a red icon next to it meaning he's injured or what not..
If you look very carefully my badmash de puttar have now risen to 6th place....keep a watch out for this team, who will blow away all competition!!!!!!!!!!
1  	Just Muslim  	Just Muslim  	58  	259
2 	United AllStarz waheed n      72     226
3 	MAGPIES!!! 	Oli B 	51 	210
3 	Da King's 06 	shaf ali 	45 	210
5 	Rob's Villains 	Rob Hall 	70 	207
6 	ZM'S ALL STARS 	Zahir Mahmood 	45 	206
7 	Im_The_Champ!! 	haz - 	42 	199
8 	Team Has 	Hassan Butt 	56 	199
9 	Badmash XI 	Irfaan Ahmed 	51 	196
10 	Rawalpindi Rovers 	Saqib Awan 	55 	190
11 	Catch me if u can 	Irfan Bashir 	60 	186
12 	paddy fc 	paddy saunders 	58 	186
13 	team_waz 	waseem waz 	38 	181
14 	Zushy's Tanadaars 	Z J 	60 	178
15 	football maniacs 	naeem younis 	37 	171
16 	Hitman's Maniacs 	Rashid Ali 	45 	169
17 	The Monk's Assassins 	Mohammad Ahmar 	31 	167
18 	Safs Premier Stars 	Sarfraz Nazir 	35 	160
19 	Toonstar Express 	toonboy awaisyboy 	55 	159
20 	Little Masters 	Gary Niblock 	41 	158
21 	FC Rabb 	Imran Rabbani 	40 	151
22 	WIY's galacticos 	amjad mahmood 	39 	149
23 	Arsenal XI 06/07 	Shahid Majid 	48 	143
24 	THE UNTOUCHABLES 	Usman Hafiz 	37 	142
25 	Boombastic Boyz 	Qamir Riaz 	25 	136
26 	Nawaz allstars 	arshed mahmood 	32 	131
27 	Lahore United 	Easa Quraishi 	46 	112
28 	cavin's cheetah's 	Asfand malik 	24 	110
29 	Jibreel's Old Boys 	Jibreel Lone 	44 	106
30 	SordaDasBoots 	Muhammed Umer Tariq 	36 	104
31 	Team Pakistan 	Bilal Aziz 	40 	82
32 	FC_United 	Haroon Hassan 	49 	49
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I joined yesterday, so i'm at 0 points but hopefullyi'll get to my 11th position by end of season
Apologies guys. I have no internet at home hence I can't keep updating the Fantasy football. I will be moving to uni in 2 weeks when normal service should resume. :)
I blame injuries and poor form from Stevie G for my lacklustre start to the season.
I'm not doing too well. Mainly cos Henry and Stevie G have let me down.
How do I change formation man? I can see lot of people got 3 strikers, can some tell me how to chenge, so i could have attacking team.
Saqlain_doosra said:
How do I change formation man? I can see lot of people got 3 strikers, can some tell me how to chenge, so i could have attacking team.

drop a midfielder and play a striker
Remember to make your transfers over Xmas as there will be a lot of games.
I'm creeping up the table. 14th now. :D

Remember to mkae your transfers in time for the bxing day fixtures.
The final standings:

1 The Monk's Assassins Mohammad Ahmar 50 1966
2 Catch me if u can Irfan Bashir 40 1964
3 Little Masters Gary Niblock 43 1924
4 Just Muslim Farhan Bashir 36 1912
5 Zushy's Tanadaars Z J 45 1871

Just sneaked in to take the title.

Mods can I have title added under my username?