preparing a backyard pitch


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Mar 11, 2013
i was thinking of how to prepare a rough pitch.based on a few experiences, i have an outline.
clear a strip of ground and make it flat by brushing it down with a broom. also make sure that the level of the strip is sunk a few centimetres below the ground around it.for this we may have to dig a little.preferrably i would coat the sides and base of this ditch/strip with a layer of clay to harden the foundations a little and make it impermeable to the water which will be later poured in to fill the ditch.then pour fine,yellow dry sand approximately uniformly all over the strip,taking care that the sand should always remain below the water level.we may have to work quickly.then leave the thing to dry in the sun.once the water has mostly disappeared,leaving behind wet slick clay,it should be rolled to flatten it with a light makeshift roller eg a can of cooking oil.then leave it to dry should give very fine,dry well drained sand,bound into a layer/ will break up pretty easily,making it good for spin bowling.
please give suggestions on the type of clay which should be used and how to make this pitch more firm and a bit bouncy as well.
Use red clay. Mostly in India and is used in Indian pitches. I think Chennai and Eden Gardens have it.