Rawalpindi Rams v Karachi Zebras | Group B | Faysal Bank T20 | Lahore |

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Dec 22, 2009
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RAMS to win by

10 wickets or 100+ runs.

It's as good as over. :hammad
This team would be unstoppable with :aamir.

Still, :sohail isn't a bad replacement.

Batting is a bit of a concern, hope Hammad and Amin do well.
Anwar Ali would be international class if he wasn't such a one trick pony :))
Rubbish start, get the classy left handed star of the future in!
Now we have some late swing. Tough conditions early on.

Picked up sweetly for six though.
150 would be a good total...i believe our bowlers can defend that
oh no.....first causality :)

no problems..umer amin will pick up the pieces from here
This idiot currently batting is trying to hoick Anwar Ali to the legside when he's only bowling away swingers :umarakmal
:))) Terrrible effort by the mid-on there
anwer ali should be predictable as he bowls only into the right handed and away from the left handed batsmen...
anwar ali is still damn good bowler. infact looks better than before.
44444444444 by lefty!

I don't like this guy. he is swinging at everything.
shabash boys.....good stuff so far....dont lose track from here
the guy can't play anything on off side. just don't give him anything on legs
Off side play is over-rated. :sohail

I think 160 will be needed on this track but RP have the ability to defend 140 even.
Anwar Ali. They should have just seen him off.
Naved malik is gone this time.

good catch by hassan raza. Umar amin needs to rescue us now.
good catch...unlucky....##

was played well but straight to the fielder...

in comes umer amin the key batsman
hassan raza ka acha catch. hope he dont take another one.
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