Rawalpindi Rams vs Sialkot Stallions| FB Super 8 T20 | Rawalpindi | 30/03/2012

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I think it would be a good idea to switch to South Africa vs India T20 game today :p
Missed butcher's dismissal, was it the bowler's wicket this time or has the umpire struck again? :yk
Sarfraz Ahmed to bowl his 60mph thunderbolts.
I never understood how Sarfraz was such a successful bowler.
Sarfraz bowling under 90ks (yes Ks) and building pressure.

Domestic Runouts are comical the victim normally looks at his partner with venom and mutters something. These guys are soooooo unprofessional its ridiculous, yesterday it was Nasir Jamshed and now Babar Naeem total jokers.
Zia hates slower balls from seam bowlers, he must think he's in a nightmare right now facing Sarfraz.
Four more to Zia, looking like a big hack out there but oh well, keep going. :hamster:
One dimentional Zia hits a FOUR to the onside whilst his body still pivoted to the left
Another four, speedgun says its 130ks.. error? :nehra
Beautiful whip by CLH for a single, mirror of Tendulkar. :amin
Zia facing spin, top edges first ball. Single.
Soft disimssal, cannot play slow bowling at all gtfo.
:rr have been horrible this year. time to switch to India vs South Africa.
CLH steals an overthrow. Sialkot blinded by his stylish play.
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