SG King Cobra, SG Sunny Tonny or SS Ton LE?


Mar 24, 2013
Which one is better out of these and why? Well I have got a pretty good SG King Cobra with 10 grains and checked my friend's Sunny Tonny out. In the SG company, I also think it depends entirely on the willow and not the names like sunny Tonny or King Cobra. Does anyone agree with me? Wll post pictures on my SG King Cobra.
If you are super happy with SG then get another one. Main advantage is your timing will not be stuffed changing to diff profiles etc.

However if you want to experiment get an SS LE or even get a cheaper SS to try out. I have used and happily played with SS Viv Richards which is on the cheaper side. Even middle of the range is good to try out