Shoaib Akhtar to become coach for State Bank of Pakistan

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Apr 19, 2010
Shoaib Akhtar to become coach for State Bank of Pakistan

Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has set his sights on a coaching career after agreeing to take charge of a top domestic team.

Shoaib, 38, who retired in 2011 during the 50-over World Cup, was offered the position of head coach by State bank for the upcoming domestic season in Pakistan.

"Shoaib has agreed to become head coach of our team and we are very pleased he has shown interest in coaching a domestic team," Zaheer-ul-Hassan, the manager of the bank team, told Reuters.

"Contract papers are being prepared after Shoaib confirmed his interest in coaching our team."

State bank are one of the leading teams on the first-class circuit but have struggled to attain top position during the last two seasons.

Shoaib, famous during his playing days for his raw pace, has said in the past that he was interested in a coaching career.

The paceman, who took 178 test wickets and 247 one-day international wickets during his career, had even offered in the past to work with the Pakistan fast bowlers if the country's cricket board approached him.

Zaheer said he felt Shoaib was preparing for a full-time coaching career and wanted to start at the domestic level.

"Once the contract is approved by our board of governors, he will certainly provide a image boost to our domestic cricket," the former first-class player said.
noooo....I got so happy when I read the first 6 words but then went :( but good that he cares at least
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Good for him, nice to see players getting back into the domestic system and trying to give something back to the current players.

On the other hand, has Shoaib got enough coaching experience to warrant being appoint head coach or (as hinted at in the final line) is this just a move designed to try and get a bit more media exposure?
Well its good. He will gain coaching experience. Which cud help Pakistan in the future.
Good, other famous players should also join.
maybe he will deliver the next shoaib akhtar to pakistan.
he'll tell the players they are useless after they win and tell them they are the greatest ever after they win.
After umer amin we will listen many names of State bank of Pakistani players form him

Agar aj bla bla player hota to hum match single handedly jeet jata :D

Anyways good to see top players like Akhtar will be coaching domestic team
I can imagine Shoaib being a fantastic coach.

Lots of aggression, lots of passion, lots of craziness.

Might be the injection of flair that Pakistan is missing.

Our very own Darren Lehmann?
Good on him.

Didn't let ego get in the way of doing his time in domestic before approaching the national position.

Real demonstration of his class and selflessness.

Other 'legends' would be wanting to start at the top without any qualifications or experience but he is prepared to get involved at grass roots level.
Credit to Shoaib for Starting his Coaching with a low profile domestic team, Likes of Wasim, waqar, and Miandad etc. would never go that route
Credit to Shoaib for Starting his Coaching with a low profile domestic team, Likes of Wasim, waqar, and Miandad etc. would never go that route

Which is why I think if he does well he should be fast tracked as our head coach.

Shows a great attitude.
This is going to be a rollercoaster ride!Akhtar on TV talks a lot of sense and has great cricketing knowledge which pleasently surprised me!
Very good by Shoaib Akhtar. Mohammad Yousuf, Inzimam and many other legends should follow him for the betterment of Pakistan Cricket.
shoaib deserves respect because he is not chasing after money all the time like our other legends and wants to give maximum to pak cricket
Finally something to cheer about.Good luck bloke.
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Shoaib Akhtar set to start coaching career

Shoaib Akhtar is likely to start his coaching career with State Bank of Pakistan for the coming season, the Dawn has reported. According to Zaheer-ul-Hassan, the department's team manager, Shoaib has agreed to take up the role of the head coach and is awaiting a clearance from the bank's sports committee.

"It will be a huge bonus for us to have a cricketer of his stature in the support staff as the head coach. We are extremely happy that Shoaib has expressed his desire to play his role in uplifting the State Bank cricket team," Zaheer told the Dawn. "Shoaib has shown deep interest when we approached him. At the moment, we are in the process of formalising the contract details."

State Bank of Pakistan avoided relegation from the departmental first-class competition after they finished tenth in the 11-team competition. Zaheer said that the team was looking to beef up the support staff to improve the performances in the coming season.

"Yeah, it was a very close call [to avert relegation] last season," he said. "At times the entire squad was under great pressure to survive the drop. Had that been the case, it would have been pretty hard for us to run the team because a colossal amount is spent each season.

Considered one of the fastest bowlers of his era, Shoaib made his debut in November 1997 and retired after the 2011 World Cup in a career marred with controversy and injuries. He had expressed in 2012 his interest in taking up the role of bowling coach in the Pakistan national team set-up, under Dav Whatmore, but such a deal never materialised.
May be we can get another fastest bowler of the world soon. PCB should hire him for some coaching camp for fast bowlers, if his work is good with bank.
Shoaib Akhtar set to start coaching career

Good news. Thats the only way to get our domestic competitive. Put these ex players in charge of departmental teams and make them compete like that. At least there they might put some effort in the right direction rather than screaming their heads off on tv.

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He probably bowls faster than anyone he is coaching. Even with his belly and old age now.
whatever happened to this

is this still happening?
With news of him being a bowling consultant

I ask again. Whatever the hell happened to this? Did everything just freeze over and everyone forgot that this happened?