Sids cricket


Jun 4, 2011
Hello all,

Have you guys come across SIDS Cricket based in Sialkot Pakistan, been thru their facebook page... they got some super looking bats....
Wondering if anyone dealt with them .... or any idea how these perform....

I've got few pics....

Any Comments
hes fake my frnd ddd a deal wth him hez sending fake thngs....................
he said him to send ca10000 nd he sended him 5000............nd i knw him coz of hiz fb page.............
the first 2 bats are mine as it says "Rizwan" in the back. I ordered these beauties from USA on 2nd June and probably going to have it by this Friday InshAllah.
I am not sure if u guys have seen the video review on these bats, but i am going to review by myself as i get my hands on it.
The question arises why i didn't bought bats from the local US cricket store?
Because i have already purchased Lekka Envy bat ($369) which last only 2 months, and as being a college student and a part time worker i cannot spend more on these bat which are actually made in India and Pakistan. For me BRAND DOESN'T MATTER, but willow do, So that is why i order Faisal to send me 2 bats which reflect my style, my performance. And Yes he assure me the willow is going to be the best he can provide, if not i am going to let you guys know ASAP.
Thanks Rizwan... Do us a review when u get them... and let us know how they perform.... I would love to get one....
Hello guys.. Faisal Siddiqui is a very good and nice guy. He is humble aswell. Just remember one thing when dealing with others - Give respect, Take Respect.

I dont know Faisal and never talked to him.. I saw his Youtube Videos and he is absolutely okay. He is selling his Own stuff and Some minor other branded stuff. I feel he is actually OKAY and BETTER rather than buying from an ordinary shop.

Someone living in USA,Canada,UK, AUS will find him really helpful. He gives you all details .. he sents you pictures before sending the actual bat. c'mon what else do you want?
His products are good and service is fine as well but his prices are not fixed. I asked him the prices for ca 15000 and ca trd and he said it'll be $325 and $375 respectively. The same bats were sold by him to my friend for $250 and $300 respectively.
these are wonderful bats for such a low price.... highly recommended.....