So I became the number 1 ranked batsman in the UK for my fun cricket league!!


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Nov 21, 2005
Hello all,

So I don't know how many of you play the last man standing (LMS) cricket league (over 15,000 players worldwide!), but this past week I attained the ranking of number 1 batsman in the UK for this league. This goes with being the number 1 keeping globally (bit of a joke though).

The league had adjusted the rules of the modern busy person, 8 man a side, 100 balls per innings, but is really great fun. 2.5 hours and you are done. The league has been growing in size and this year the global final will be at Lords! They also have the official support of the ECB now.

The best part is they put all your stats and rankings online.

Here is the link to the UK rankings,which shows me at number 1! :
Here is the link to my profile with all my stats!:

I really dont know how long I will stay up there, one failure and dropped, but wanted to share while I was up there!

Nice one, well done!

I've looked at LMS briefly before but don't really know if there are any teams in my area. Is there some sort of team finder tool?
I play LMS and it's real good fun. The weather hasn't been very kind to us this season though :(
Hehe, look at the bounteous number of South Africans on that list.
is this a kind of online cricket or field cricket?