So i ordered a BS Sports bat


Local Club Captain
Feb 17, 2014
I have played alot with CA bats but the problem is they don't last long. None have ever lasted more than a season and i dont have much disposable income to keep getting bats. Anyways that is not the issue, so i have ordered Bs sports cricket bat.

So i ordered this bat, through the website. I used western union and also received the confirmation he picked the money. I emailed him, he said he already shipped it (monday) and so i asked can you provide me shipping details. He is yet to provide me one, i have emailed twice saying same thing. Should i be worried?
And what's the price including shipping? Have you ever played with this bat? Do u know sweet spot and are ok with a semi oval handle?
i paid $160, shipping included. Saw one of the BS bat on the field and was impressed so i just ordered it, i can just hope it better be good. I really dont mind the ovel handle compared round
Dw heard a lot of times Pak orders are slow with sending itemised billing/ shipping details. Website seems pretty legitimate. Need not worry
Hi guys, just received the shipping info and the bat is in the city at the moment, i will get it today. Ill post a review soon.