South Africa v England | T20 WC | Group E | Cape Town | 16/9/07

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Sep 27, 2006
Eng won the toss and will bowl first

Prior, Wright, Pietersen, Collingwood, Shah, Flintoff, Snape, Mascarenhas Schofield, Broad, Andersen

Maddy and Kirtley out. Pietersen to come at 3 and Shah at 5

For SA Gibbs still not fit and not playing

This tournament team batting first in CapeTown have lost all games except the first match between England and Zim which England won
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THAT IS SO GAY! Gibbs out for two games for my fantasy team! UGH!
South Africa team
JM Kemp, SM Pollock, JP Duminy, AB de Villiers, M Ntini, M Morkel, JJ van der Wath, VD Philander, GC Smith, MV Boucher, JA Morkel

England team
A Flintoff, CP Schofield, MJ Prior, SCJ Broad, KP Pietersen, JN Snape, LJ Wright, PD Collingwood, JM Anderson, OA Shah, AD Mascarenhas
I think we have a chance of winning this one - hopefully our bad performance for the week is now out of the way and we wake up a bit. A win today leaves us one decent game away from the semis, so its a very important game for us. This has actually been a decent year for English limited overs cricket, with just as many highs as lows which is unusual, and we should be taking this tournament seriously.
What was the point of dropping Maddy for such an important encounter? The guy didn't play that bad in his first two games
players on the field. Smith and Duminy batting. Andersen to bowl
I'm an Engerland fan today.

Come on the red/white and blues.
South Africa look way too strong for England but i am still hoping for England's win.
YESS Broad gets a wicket first ball with Duminy feeling for it and getting an edge to Prior. 8/1!
Dummy gone. Lovely delivery from Broad. The way Dummy played that shot, I thoought Salman Butt was batting.
De Villiers smashes a cover drive for 4. That was spanked! Went at 115kph!

Now followed by a pull shot for 4. Fantastic batting.
Yippee dee doo daa! I just drafted Broad into my Fantasty XI!
Geo Azhaan break......

And they actually messed the timing up and MISSED the Azhaan!!!

They've clearly been inspired by ARY!

My lad Broad gets Smith caught at deep fine leg!

Flintoff with his slick look gets him caught behind.

Trust me to load my Fantasy team with the SA Top order!

42-3 off 5.1
De Villiers goes! Caught behind off Flintoff!

South Africa 42/3 in 5.1 overs

Boucher the new man in
That Chicken Cottage advert is making my mouth water.
Really good stuff from Broadboy. On my fantasy team, as well as Greame, so I guess it doesn't matter that he picked up his wicket.

Engaldn on a rollll
Kemp not comfortable with the short stuff being dished out here by Flintoff

Mascarenhas into the attack
Wright drops Boucher next ball
next ball Kemp hits a six
SA 68-3 after 10
Wow, two drops in a row!

Kemp with a SIX! One for Zeeshan's fantasy team obviously!
Is it me or is Hussain keep saying "England on top" at every given point? :)) He is lovign this...
Amir said:
Is it me or is Hussain keep saying "England on top" at every given point? :)) He is lovign this...
it is like when Pietersen was "#1 batsman".
Woohoo Kemp gone now. He smashed Dimi straight up in the air and Prior ran round and took at smart catch.

That's huge! Out of the ground i think. Albie Morkal hoicks Dimi to cow corner and out of the stands.
Morkal hits an even bigger 6 out of the ground. That's the biggest of the tournament i think.
Schofield you idiot. 3 sixes in a row for Morkal all over cow corner.
Morkal has hit the 2 furthest 6s. He's hit one 106m and 102m. That's monster striking!
THREE insane HUGE consecutive sixes. Incredible stuff. Just the meter length of those sixes is insanity!
Wow, that dropped catch has really hurt England!
Morkel connects, and pulls it away for 4. Incredibe batting, increasing chances for Saffies tenfold!
Another mix up with fielders. One got a hand to it but not caught and goes to boundry
SA 145-7 after 19
NOOOOOOOOOO! It would have been a fourth for Braod!

Haha Schofield screwing everything up.
last ball Morkel out 43 off 20 off Flintoff. what noise in the stadium
SA 154-8 after 20
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So, Saffies finish off at 154. A lot more then they should ahve scored.

Should a very good game once England come ou.
Luke Wright (0 & 3 in last two matches) to open with Prior. Pollock to bowl
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England surprisingly poor in the field.

Could have restricted to less - may haunt Eng if they only lose by a few runs.
I knew this would happen. You drop Maddy in favour of your Sussex bum chum and look what happens, he fails again. Wright has 1 run in 3 innings now.

England 0/1
Man - just seeing KP's entrance!!! That takes 'booing' to a new level!!!
great atmosphere at the ground . Pietersen hits a 4
Eng 5-1 after 1.2
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