South Africa v Zimbabwe, 1st ODI, Wanderers [25/02/05]

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Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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game starts @ 1230pm shud win this 3 match series 3-0 and with some ease.
nel may not play either, but they shud still have to much fire power for zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to field first

South Africa team:
*GC Smith, AM Bacher, JA Rudolph, HH Gibbs, AG Prince, JM Kemp, +MV Boucher, JA Morkel, N Boje, AJ Hall, M Ntini

Zimbabwe team:
S Matsikenyeri, BG Rogers, H Masakadza, BRM Taylor, A Maregwede, *+T Taibu, E Chigumbura, SC Williams, P Utseya, T Panyangara, CB Mpofu

My post was deleted just because I said that those white zimbo's were racists

Is pakpassion becoming worse than Pakistan's censor board?
what u think of s.africas bowling attack 2day? pretty poor looking 2 me. 1/0 off 1.1

smith n bacher opening 11/0 off 2.5

i can see kallis playing for himself agen today!
Waqar's inswinging yorker said:
kallis is rested for whole one day series

:eek:D they must have forced him out off series @ gun point!

:eek:D :eek:D

Kallis is rested because he has a slight hamstring injury
15 overs

Protea's 82 for none.

The wicket is a real belter and the zim bowling is like the Pakistani bowling without Shoaib :-D 301/7

(target 302)

zimbabwe 10/1 off 3.5 overs
zimbabwe 27/1 off 6.4

mataskineryi playing some good shots...
no video link i dont think, am watching game on sky sports extra
I hope Taibu gets 100. I have my head in the clouds but i can still hope he does
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